Fishing Cold Water in the Great Smoky Mountains - Blue-winged
Olives - Part Eleven

Except for the spinner fall, I have gone through the methods, techniques, etc., of
fishing the Blue-winged Olive hatches in the streams of Great Smoky Mountains
National Park during cold weather. It occurred to me when I was working on my Fly
Fishing Yellowstone National Park website, that many of you may understand what I
tried to get across better if you compared what I have said about fishing the
Smokies hatches of BWOs with Yellowstone hatches. Some of the water is
Yellowstone is pocket water that is very close to much of the water in the Smokies
and much of it is not. In the Yellowstone articles, I refer to the different types of
water the BWOs hatch in.

I'll admit that I am not the World's greatest writer and most English professors would
probably classify me as the World's worst.  Anyway, I am posting those articles
below in the event you would like to compare those with what I have said about the
Smokies recently and in the past relative to BWO hatches.






Fly Patterns:

Copyright 2008 James Marsh