New "Perfect Fly" Bass Flies:

We have just received all of our new "Perfect Fly" Bass Flies except the crawfish
patterns that are coming soon.  This is the perfect time of the year to be fishing for
smallmouth bass in the lower elevation streams of Great Smoky Mountains National
Park as well as the same streams outside the park. Smallmouth bass fishing will
continue to be good until the water temperatures drop below about fifty degrees.

The new flies are categorized as frog, snake, baitfish and mice imitations. The
slider baitfish, swimming shad and swimming bluegill flies are my own designs that
work well for larger smallmouth as well as largemouth bass. We have caught
hundreds of largemouth bass from my son-in-laws' pond in central Alabama on
these three flies. The anglers we have sent samples too report excellent results
catching smallmouth bass on them in streams from the west to the east coast.

The deceiver and clouser flies are improved versions of these popular flies that
have proven effective for bass and many other species over the years. The
slider frog, baby popping frog and baby swimming frog are my own designs of frog
imitations. The popping frog is a top water fly. The swimming frog swims from the
surface to a few inches deep depending on how it is retrieved. As its name implies,
the diving frog dives when retrieved. These three hook size 6 flies are also great for
larger  bream.  The larger "diving frog" comes in a hook size 2.

"baby snake" fly, also my design, doesn't look much like a snake until it is in
the water. The fly becomes much slimmer and wiggles just like the real thing. It
comes in a hook size 2 and works for both smallmouth and largemouth bass. We
hope you will give them a try.

Happy birthday to my wife Angie - who gets enough of "yours truly" without having
to read these website post. Wish I was 36 again.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh