New "Perfect Fly" Midge Flies:

We have just received our first new "Perfect Fly" Midge Flies. The larva and pupa
stages of the midges come in three colors - light green, cream and red. The adults
or dry flies come in three colors - black, light green and cream. All of the midge flies
are available in hook sizes 20 and 22.

We have found that these basic shades of color covers about 95% of all the midge
larvae, pupae and adults we have found in trout streams in the United States. We
have taken samples from streams from spring creeks, freestone streams and
tailwaters throughout the nation during the past seven or eight years and this is the

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Streams:
Testing samples of the softer areas of stream bottom in Great Smoky Mountains
National Park, we have found that most midge larvae were cream or shades of light
browns. Shades of light green and red larvae are common but seem to be less
plentiful than cream. These test have be done in most all the major streams and
many of the smaller streams.

Many of you have probably never used a midge fly fishing in the park's streams.
That may be a mistake, especially on those day when the water is very cold and
you are having a difficult time catching trout. I will provide some details of my
experience fishing midge flies in the park during the forthcoming days.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh