Marabou Sculpin

The "Perfect Fly" Marabou Sculpin is a perfect fly for the current stained water
conditions. I have not seen any of the streams in Great Smoky Mountains National
Park except the Little Pigeon River through Gatlinburg since the rain came
yesterday morning but based on the radar and weather forecast, I doubt there is a
stream in the park that is not stained. The next few days will be a good time to catch
a nice size brown trout as well as other species.

Even if the water is high, even if it is out of its banks, it is possible to catch browns
very near the bank or edges of the water if it is out of its banks. Pockets and eddies
along the bank are especially good places and the Marabou Sculpin in a yellow
color is a very good fly to use. You should weight the tippet using split shot placed
about 6 inches above the fly. I would use a 2X or 3X tippet.

Cast it upstream from the bank (do not wade if the water is high and swift) landing
the fly very near the bank and let the current bring it downstream along the bank
keeping a tight line.  Allow it to pass to a downstream position keeping the fly near
the bank the entire drift. It is not necessary to keep the fly right on the bottom but it
doesn't hurt anything if it is. The trout will usually get in the slower water pockets
and eddies waiting for food that has be washed in by the rain to pass by.  

Copyright 2008 James Marsh