New Perfect Fly White Belly Sculpin

The “Perfect Fly “ White Belly Sculpin is a modification of the Brown Sculpin. The
color is the only difference. When the water is slightly stained or has a little color to
it, instead of using the Brown Sculpin, you should go to the White Belly Sculphin.

Stained water, usually caused by melting snow or heavy rain, is perfect streamer
water. The trout, especially the brown trout species, tends to move around and
feed during the day in the stained water much more than clear water. In clear water,
you usually have to wait for low light conditions for the streamer to be effective.

I may also note that when the water is high and stained, a lot of food for the
minnows, baitfish and other marine items fish feed on, washes into the stream. This
attracts the minnows and baitfish, such as sculpin, and the baitfish and sculpin
attract the trout.

We found that our Brown Sculpin didn’t show up very well in stained water. We
needed something to help the fish spot it. The results was the White Belly Sculpin. It
not only has a white belly, its eyes are white. Red eyes just about disappear from
the trout’s perspective. The white eyes and belly provide enough light shades of
color to still get the fish’s attention but not so much that it appears unrealistic.

It should be fished exactly like the Brown Sculpin. Keep it right on or just an inch or
two above the bottom by adding the necessary amount of weight four or five inches
above the fly. I may also suggest you first try the water very near the banks in high
water situations. That is where the food washes in and that is where the baitfish,
including the sculpin, go to feed.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh