Cosby Creek Outside the Park (and a few notes on the
stream inside):

We have only fished Cosby Creek outside the park one time and that was not
very far outside the park. Most of the stream outside the park is on private
property. If you ask the property owners, I doubt anyone would care you fished
from their property. The stream is stocked and that is why we don’t fish it. The
one time we did, we happen to stop at the little store near the entrance to the
park. A gentleman told us that if we wanted to catch trout, we should fish just
outside the park boundary. I ask if they were stocked or wild trout and he
indicated they were not stocked. We did and we caught several "stocked" trout in
just a few minutes. I don't think he understood the difference and thought all trout
were stocked.

Checking the
state stocking schedule will tell you when the stream is stocked.
There are a few places that you can fish the stream outside the park. There are a
few places the road is close enough to the stream that it can be accessed from
the right-of-way. There are also a couple of bridges that you can access the
stream from. Remember, the guys working for the state that stock these streams
are not going to work any harder than they have too. That means they usually
stop at a bridge or along the side of the road and throw the fish from the holding
tanks into the stream. I have never seen them walking and caring buckets of fish
although I could be wrong. Look for the places where they could easily stock them
and most likely you will find plenty of them, or just ask the locals. Most of the
locals have seen the trout being stocked and know the locations they use.

Cosby Creek is a pretty little stream for miles outside the park. I did catch a
smallmouth in the stream the only time I tried by just stopping along the road and
making a few cast. It was small but the locals tell me that there are some nice size
smallmouth in the larger pools downstream from the park.

One day driving out of the park, I stopped to meet a man walking back to his car
with a rainbow trout on a stringer that looked to be over fourteen inches long. He
caught it about a quarter of a mile inside the park. I assume it was a “hold over
stocker” or at least a stocker. At least some of the stockers move upstream inside
the park.

I cannot stop writing without mentioning the very fine fishing inside the park on
Cosby Creek. It is great. It appears that such a beautiful small stream would get a
lot of pressure from anglers but it doesn’t. You wouldn’t think that you could catch
nice size brook trout before the road gets to the campground area but you can.
We have caught three or four brook trout over eight inches and up to ten inches  
below the campground.

Autumn is a good time to fish the upper headwaters all of which have brook trout.
I wouldn’t suggest you try it on low water conditions but it the water is normal or
high, you would enjoy fishing above the campground. The streams are very small
(like brook trout streams are supposed to be) but very interesting to fish.

As a side note, Angie doesn’t like the stream above the campground. She says I
act like a child when I fish the tiny streams. Well, maybe she is right. My question
is “what is wrong with that?

Copyright 2008 James Marsh