Quick Update:

I caught myself thinking that I have worked on so many different things I am lost
as what to do next. A minute or so later, it hit me that maybe that is not exactly
true. First of all, everything had to do with just one thing - fly fishing. Now when
you stop and really think about it, complaining to yourself about flying off in a lot
of different directions when it all has to do with fishing, isn't all that bad. Anyway, I
did forgot to post anything to this site for the last couple of days.
Normally, I have this type thing done months and in a few cases, even years in
advance. I just pop the data into the system and download it from anywhere I
happen to be. I can do that now, from the "middle of nowhere". The Internet can't
hide from me any more either.
However, you must have something to say and so far I just noticed, I have really
said nothing. Maybe I should have served the public or let me re-state that and
say "maybe I should have gone into politics, pretending to serve the public".
Seriously, I have fished a couple of hours for a few days now, finished the 8 year
project called "Mayflies" DVD, put my stamp of approval on a lot of new saltwater
fly patterns I actually did long ago, stumbled around and got something posted to
Yellowstone, managed to deal with an abscessed tooth, kicked off several
national magazine ad commitments, got one ad designed and sent in, continued
to update my new Perfect Fly Store with product and so forth and so on.
Mayflies, did take a big toll on me in all respects. It is one of those things you do
and then swear you would never do it again but at the same time insist you are
glad you did.
I'm like the drunk on a party boat fishing trip I took as a kid out of Panama City,
Florida, that is, not Panama. I've been there too on a party boat of a different kind
through their canal on the way to Costa Rica  Anyway, when the drunk got sea
sick and could barely hold his head up sitting on the deck, he looked up directly
into my eyes and said "I'm glad I came today". Of course I ask him "why". He
replied that he would know not to ever go again. Well, I am finished with Mayflies
and I know not to ever do anything like that again. The only problem I have always
had, is that I don't always do what I know I "should" do. Sometimes I do what I
"want" to do.
By the way, the fishin' as they call it is good regardless of whether you rate it by
the pound, the bull sitting factor or whatever method you prefer. That means
anybody that can hide and  throw a hook with a feather or hair on it twenty feet in
a riffle, may hang a four inch long rainbow trout. The brooks, as usual, are also
doing quite well. The browns - well, they are taking some time and skill to catch as
usual. I did manage three of them in three short trips and I did manage them just
before dark border-lining the park's rules. One was about fourteen inches, one
about twelve and one about eleven inches or so. Not big, but not bad. They were
in little quite pockets less than a foot from the bank, each in an almost impossible
place to reach. All three came from the Little River where the water is "too hot" for
good trout fishing. So did some fairly good sized rainbows. Everything I caught
was taken on a black Perfect Fly carpenter ant as it slowly sank. The reason
everything I caught was taken on that fly was because that was the only fly I
fished. Have you ever noticed that most anglers catch most of the fish they catch
on the flies they are fishing? Yep, that is the fly that works every time.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh