New "Perfect Fly Store" is open:


I am pleased to announce that we are going ahead and opening the new
"Perfect Fly Store" website as of today - "Open Now". I wanted it finished and but
as you will see, it is just getting underway. There are over 150 different "Perfect
Flies" that are available now. They are mostly mayfly and terrestrial insect
imitations but a few caddis larva and other flies have been posted. We already
have over 15,000 flies in stock with that many more coming in the next couple of
weeks. That will just be the starting inventory. We will have several times that
many - my guess is 100,000 - flies in stock by February.  We will be working on
this site and adding new product every day for the next couple of months and
probably even longer.
Not only will you find
specific imitations of all the major species of mayflies
in all stages of life
that fish eat, you will also find more information on how to
the hatches and flies than you  will find on any other website. We also have
a few flies posted for other species such as bass and some saltwater species  
with well over a hundred more different new flies for none trout species coming

Some "Perfect Flies" available that are needed now for the Smokies and
other nearby waters:

1. Little Yellow Quills: These mayflies are just starting to hatch in the higher
elevations. Many anglers confuse them with the Light or Cream Cahills. We have
specific imitations of these mayflies in the nymph, emerger, emerger with the
shuck still attached, dun and spinner stages of life.
2. There are still a few
Slate Drakes around. Specific imitations are available for
the nymph and spinner, the only two stages of life normally eaten by trout.
3. There are some of our
grasshopper imitations posted with more to come.
These sandwich hoppers are great for floating a dropper rig or by themselves.
Available in 5 sizes. Try the hook size 4 for a strike indicator or big fish.
4. Our "Perfect Fly" Japanese
Beetle is now available and working good about
anywhere you want to present it.
5. We have three different types of ants available now. This is the perfect time to
be fishing the "Perfect Fly"
ant patterns.
6. Our new
"Inch Worm" imitation will be available by noon today. Notice it
doesn't have the loop in the end of the worm like the Green Weenie and other
imitations of the inch worm or, by the way, a real inch worm. The loop saves a lot
of time (hence expense) tying the fly but isn't very realistic. Yes, I know they work
with the loop in the tail, but at times, so will anything else made of hair or
feathers with a hook in it.
Mahogany Duns are also hatching more so at the lower elevations where the
water is too warm at the current time, but that will change tomorrow.
8. If you fish some of the streams in our area of Tennessee and North Carolina
(or anywhere else for that matter) that have
"Tricos" notice that we also have
them available in all stages of life including male and female versions.
9. Same as above, if you are fishing a stream that has them, you will also find
the new "Perfect Fly"
White Drakes, or White Flies as some call them,
available in all stages of life eaten by trout.
10. If you are making a trip out
West be sure to see our Yellowstone website
for flies that are available now for the Northwest.

Notice there is
no shipping or handling charges irrespective of how many
flies you order. If you order one fly, we will send you one fly free of shipping and
handling charges.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh