Current Fishing Conditions
and GPS for the Angler - Part Two


Yesterday was the busiest day we have had on this site in terms of receiving
email. It was split into two main subjects for the most part. About half of the 18
responses we received via email (on this one site) were to do with GPS. The
other half were various types of request for information on the fishing conditions
in the park.
Up until yesterday we had fished three consecutive days in the park but the most
time we have spent was only about three or four hours per day counting travel
time. We have two people working on a new website in addition to "yours truly".  
We have been working on our "Perfect Fly" line of flies for the last eight years.
Most of the time we have spent fishing during the last few months has been
testing some of the new flies we have developed or new product. The point I am
getting to is that we almost never fish like a normal anglers would and what we
have to offer in terms of fishing reports is probably not all that useful. It does
beat the heck out of "hear say" reports.  

Fishing the past week has been "fairly easy taking" just about anywhere we have
fished. We did not fish yesterday. Saturday we fished early morning, meaning
about 7:00 to 10:00, and managed to catch several (about fifteen in a couple of
hours, one of which was a fourteen inch brown) all taken on our new Slate Drake
Nymph. These were taken on Little River not far above the turn to Elkmont.

The day before that we fished very late in the afternoon on a higher elevation
stream and managed to catch even more in less time but most of them were
small brook trout. We were using our Little Yellow Quill Dun in a hook size 18.

The day before that we fished during the extreme hot part of the day on a small
stream near Cosby. We caught a lot of small fish there using our BWO Spinner
in a hook size 20. There were some tiny BWO spinners in the air and on the
banks from that morning or maybe the previous days hatch but I doubt the fly
made much difference with the small brook and rainbow trout.

The water is getting quite low in some areas adding to the challenge but it was
still quite easy to catch a lot of trout in a short time. By the way, we always only
fish one person at a time. The other is usually taking pictures or running video.

Along with some help, we are currently working on a large project for us. We
have fished just to take a break and test some of our new flies at a time of year
we are normally traveling. In the past several years we have spent between two
to three months each year traveling and fishing the West and Mid-west Except
for some time in Florida, we has not done much traveling this year. We have
been working on our special project that we will announce very soon.

Tomorrow I will go into more detail on the subject of GPS receivers which was
supposed to have been today's subject. I made a mistake in insinuating (more
than I intended too) that a GPS receiver was only good for the backpacking
angler. It is good for anyone that gets off the beaten path very far. I guess that
name has stuck in my mind ever since Craig Landcaster started his new site with
the same or very similar title. Craig is also writing our new "Headwaters" section.
I will link to his new site as soon as he is ready for me to do so.
We appreciate the response we get from you. That makes it very worthwhile for
us to produce this site. Thanks.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh