New "Perfect Fly" Ant Patterns


There are some new "Perfect Fly" terrestrial imitations that will also be available
very soon. I am sure many of you are thinking - "great, that is just what is
needed, more ant patterns".
If you will notice, most all the commercially available ants have two body sections
with the legs tied in the center. Ants don't have two body sections. They have
three. Now I realize trout can't count but an ant pattern with two body parts don't
look near as much like a real ant as an ant pattern with three body parts does
because that affects the entire shape and size of the fly.
Another factor is whether or not the fly sinks. If you will pick up an ant and toss it
into a stream you will see that it sinks. It doesn't float unless it gets caught in the
surface skim somehow. I cannot make one do that. All of them I throw in the
water sink.
We have two new patterns in this version - one that sinks rather fast and one
that sinks very slowly.
This is the fast sinking one in black:

                                     Click on thumbnail:

This is the slower sinking version in brown. Notice it has antennae. That is
because it imitates a carpenter ant which has antennae. This one is the slower
sinking version. It can be fished alone or as a dropper a foot or two under a
larger floating fly such as a grasshopper. When it first hits the water it will be on
the surface and then slowly sink to the depth you allow it to sink.

Click on image to get a large view
of the "Perfect Fly".

We have two colors and several hook sizes that will be available in our
Carpenter Ant version. The image below is of the faster sinking Carpenter Ant
version in black. Notice it too has bends in the legs imitating ant legs better than
most patterns.

Click on image to get a large view of this "Perfect Fly"

Copyright 2008 James Marsh