Current Fishing Conditions

Often these articles are published from remote locations. Due to some technical
reasons that occurred, we were not able to access our main computers the last
couple of weeks. This caused a delay in the articles that are normally posted
daily. For those of you that emailed us regarding this, please accept this as our
response. It is a reminder of the very high numbers of daily visitors we get and
are very thankful for.
The stream conditions are as good as they have been in a long time. We fished
a short time on the Little River near Elkmont, the Little Pigeon, Ochonaluftee
River, Straight Fork and the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon during the past
two days and found the water levels in good shape. There was a little stain day
before yesterday but conditions were still great for the middle of summer.
As it normally is, catching several trout in a short time in the Straight Fork was
very easy. Even the browns acted stupid. The Oconaluftee River also offered
little challenge. The small rainbows were eating well at Greenbrier.
We stopped an hour or two at some of the brook trout streams crossing over the
mountains each day and found it very easy to catch a few of the brooks. We
noticed some of the Little Yellow Quills hatching on one of the streams. Catching
brook trout there was as easy as eating M and M's.
The good thing is that the fairly regular showers and thunderstorms occurring
recently have things more like normal. Lets hope that pattern continues through
the next couple of months into October. October could be dry but at least the
weather will be cooler.
We will be very busy opening a huge, new website in the days to come. I have
several folks working hard on that. We will also be releasing our new "Mayflies"
DVD within the next two weeks. We are certain it is the most informative program
ever done on video on the subject.  It has video of live mayflies in the nymph,
dun and spinner stages of life for all the major mayflies (over 40 species) from
coast to coast. We have had to send backorder notices over and over to our
distributor, Angler's Book Store, as well as some of our major dealers for this
program. If I had of known the amount of work and expense it involved, I would
have probably never started production on it nine years ago. Yes, I said nine  
years ago when we first started actual production. Post production has gone on
for the last four years.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh