A Site Worth Mentioning:


This is not stream journal as such but if you follow this post you will find several
of them. It is not often I mention another website because this site's primary
purpose is to provide information for fly fishing the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park. It is not often I visit blogs simply because I do not have the time to
read them, much less to post to them. Keeping my own websites up is enough to
keep me and others than help me plenty busy. I do that in my spare time. My full
time is spent producing instructional videos.
However, that said, there is a blog I have not yet mentioned that I think is worth
your time to read. It provides a great deal of information on fishing the park and
the surrounding trout waters in Eastern Tennessee and it is a link I think is worth
mentioning -
One reason is the photography. The jumping brown trout on the July 4, 2008,
post is an example of the quality of the images posted to the site. It is written and
hosted by David Knapp, a young man that is a full time college student. David is
working this summer for Little River Outfitters,  a fly shop located in Townsend,
Tennessee. I cannot understand how David manages to stay in college yet
devote the time and effort he devotes to fly fishing. He not only spends a lot of
time on his site, he spends a lot of time fishing.
The number of young people that fish is declining. Fishing license sales prove
this over and over. I want get into the "whys" of this. I just want to say that when I
find a young person that is interested in fishing, I try to help them in anyway I
What is also changing is the fact that when a young guy gets into fishing this
date and time, she or he is able to discover a huge amount of information that is
available on the subject. This is mostly due to the world wide web but also due to
television programing, large fishing retail stores and a number of other reasons.
When I was David's age there was Field and Stream, Outdoor Life and Sports
Afield magazines. There were a few books but I was only able to get my hands
on a few of them. My experience and education at that age came from being on
the water. Don't think that just because you are old as dirt and that just because
you like to boast "I've been fishing these waters for blankidy, blank years", that
you cannot learn something from these young guys. If you do feel that way, then
I feel sorry for you.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh