Stream Conditions in the Smokies:


Due to a large number of email request and since I am at home and have fished
the park the last couple of days,  I thought I would post a report pertaining to the
conditions of the streams in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In short,
they are not in good shape at all.
There was a thunderstorm of two that dropped some water in some areas of the
park but that was about it. I live within a mile of the spur and didn't get a drop.
You can check the conditions on our link page. There was a small spike in the
water level of the Little River and that was about it.
The last couple of days have brought about higher temperatures and the water
in the streams, even at the high elevations, has warmed up quite a bit. It is not to
the point you need to consider not fishing from a temperature standpoint but you
should be careful to release the fish quickly. The small brook trout streams in
the high elevations are still fishable provided you don't mind fishing almost dry
The good news is the weather forecast gives a good chance of rain this
weekend. Maybe it will occur in the high elevations of the Smokies where it is
needed the most. I should say, needed the most from a fishing standpoint. I
don't think the farmers would agree with my previous statement.
Maybe things will change very soon.

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