Stream Conditions in the Smokies:


I am very happy to report that the condition of the streams in the Great Smoky
Mountains National Park are about as good as anyone could hope for thanks to
the recent rain. I am not yet certain if all areas of the park got a good soaking
this past weekend, but it appears they did.
The rainfall figures for the park have not been posted for the past 24 hours as
of the time I am writing this (earlier than most everyone else rises) but what they
have posted for the day before is good news. You can click on our
link page
latter today for an update on the rainfall amounts.
If you are planning on a trip to the Smokies this fourth of July week, you should
be able to find decent water in the headwaters of many streams.
The Eastern Blue-winged Olives should be hatching in some areas as well as
the Little Eastern Blue-winged Olives or
attenella species. The larger Eastern's
(size 16) will be sparse but you may find the little ones (size 18/20) in good
numbers. Slate drake nymph imitations should work great in any of the fast water
runs and riffles, especially if the water stays a little stained. The real "Yellow
Sallies" will be hard find but the "Little Summer Stoneflies" called "Yellow Sallies"
by many will be hatching in some areas. They will not be as prolific as you would
prefer. If you are fishing the right type of water, you may find some "LIttle Green
Stoneflies" beginning to hatch. Other than a few "Cream Cahills" here and there,
that is about all you should expect to see.
Any of the terrestrial imitations should work - grass hoppers in the grassy areas
and ants, beetles in the forest. I would stick with them unless I happen to run into
a concentrations of any of the other bugs I mentioned above. That strategy has
worked for us the last few days - before and after the rain started.

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