Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little and baetis BWOs)
2.    Midges

Most available/ Other types of food:
3.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Stream and Weather Conditions - From a Weather Genus
We have some rather big changes in the weather coming to the Great Smoky Mountains during the next few
days. It looks like we may get some of the weather most of the rest of the nation has received lately. Right
now, this early morning, the National Weather Service says we should be having showers and thunderstorms
in Gatlinburg. It is currently raining in Pigeon Forge but I haven't heard any thunder lately. I did notice they
have reduced the thunderstorm part of the forecast from last night. It is currently showing showers for today
with the temperature dropping from its current 48 degrees down to 43 degrees. As of last night,they
predicted it would rise up to 53 degrees this early morning instead of fall. That's probably the reason for the
decrease in thunderstorm activity.

There is a 100% chance of rain today and a 70% chance for tonight. They say the rain will change to snow
after 7PM tonight with a low of around 27. It looks like some of it may stick to the ground and they are saying
new snow accumulation of less than an inch.

Thursday's forecast is showing a chance or rain early and then clearing. The high will only be 41. The low
Thursday night will go down to 27.

Friday should be mostly sunny, with a high near 51. It should start raining again on Friday night. They show  
an 80% chance again for Saturday. The high Saturday will only be 44. You need to remember, the high in the
park will be a little less, even in the low elevations. It will be much colder higher up and based on what the
forecast calls for, I expect the mountain tops will all be white. They also call for more snow showers Saturday
night with a low of 36.

This all looks like perfect snowing weather to me, but I spend most all my life in Florida, so what the
heck do I know about it. I did produce a good selling weather DVD just three years ago. It is now being sold to
schools nationwide. I did read a few weather books, look at a lot of things on the web, and talk to a few
meteorologist. I did have my script checked by one. I even had a young lady edit it for grammar and spelling
and she is still sane. Other than produce many instructional marine radar videos and a two marine weather
videos, that's the extent of my weather knowledge. If I had done any farming, I guess you rightly could call me
a weather expert.

I am a weather guy:
I forgot that I did get into a hail storm in Alaska on a big lake in a small aluminum boat that collected 4 inches
of ice. I did get into another hail storm on Lake Powell Arizona and collect 6 inches of ice in my bass boat.
The banks were all vertical cliffs hundreds of feet high. It stop hailing and I'm still living. I did get hit by a water
spout in a saltwater fishing tournament in my 26 foot Ranger. It turned me around 180 degrees in a split
second. I have navigated through hundreds of water spouts in a boat with as many (on video) as seven
waterspout within less than a mile of me. I want mention the numerous times I have been in very dangerous
high seas, or even making my boating DVD on Handling Heavy Seas. Yes, I waited until the weather got very
bad and the seas about 20 feet high and almost sank a 43 foot boat with 6 people onboard. I did live through
the pilot of my small twin engine Beechcraft airplane diving almost straight down from 14,000 feet to 200 feet
to get under a big thunderstorm rather than blown out the top of it. I did survive a category 3 hurricane and
have to look for three of my boats the next day. They were all within a block of my house. I have never
claimed I had much common sense. I could write a book about my experience with the weather but here I am
writing about trout in little creeks in the Smokies.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you how I would go about fishing in the upcoming weather. For now, I wanted to share this
video with you.


I hope you enjoy it. I've always wanted to be a fly fishing guide. I'm not qualified because I'm not a good
singer. You have to learn to sing if your a guide. Sing the same old song every day. You know... The last
week we were catching some nice fish song.........
Copyright 2012 James Marsh