Insects and other foods the trout
should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little and baetis BWOs)
2.    Midges

Most available/ Other types of food:
3.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Fly Fishing DVD - Part 20
"Fly Fishing The Great Smoky Mountains National Park" was our first instructional fly fishing DVD on any
fishing destination. After producing 46 instructional videos on fishing before doing any fly fishing programs,
one of the things I thought I had learned early in the process was that any fishing program produced on a
specific destination wouldn't sell as well as a program that targeted a much larger physical area or
demographic profile. That said, the reason we decided to do just the opposite and produce a program on fly
fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was more of a personal objective than a sells strategy.

We had about sixteen fly fishing DVD on the market at the time that were selling very well. In fact, we were
selling far more than anyone on the subject of fly fishing. My saltwater fishing DVD had topped the sells of
everyone else Worldwide. I also had many boating and marine electronic instruction videos that had and still
were selling good. At the time, we had been fishing the Smokies and recording it all on video for several
years and for the first time ever, I decided to produce a program that I didn't think would sell well . I had
produced some I thought would sell very good that didn't, but never intentionally.

We had another problem. We couldn't possible cover what really needed to be covered on fly fishing the park
one a single DVD. If you attempt to put over two hours of broadcast quality video on a single, one-sided DVD,
you have to lower the bit rate to the point it hurts the quality in spite of the resolution of the original video. Not
only did we want to cover all the fishing methods, techniques, and strategies, we wanted to cover that for the
four seasons of the year.
After all, the Smokies is one of a vary few places you can fly fish freestone
streams for trout year-round. It is also one of a very few places you can catch trout on a dry fly
We wanted the DVD to promote those features of fly fishing the park.

In addition to that we wanted the program to actually show all the major streams and watersheds in the park.
The bottom line is that we knew the program was going to have to be close to (4) four hours long and require
(2) two DVD disc to accomplish our objectives.

All of our other fly fishing DVD were selling good for $29.95 each and that was for one hour long programs.
On that basis, a four-hour long program would equate to a $120.00 price tag. Again, we ignored what might
not be profitable, went against what we normally did, and decided to sell the four-hour long program for
$49.95. That seemed great from one standpoint. The viewer would be getting a very low per minute price, but
there was not one single fishing DVD of any type being sold commercially near a $50 price tag. We didn't
have the slightest idea if a $50 DVD on fishing would sell. For all we knew, we were producing a complete
flop. A DVD disc is a piece of plastic if no one buys and views it.

Streams (Watersheds):
Tennessee Side of the Park:
Anthony Creek:
Abrams Creek Watershed:
West Prong of the Little River Watershed:
East Prong of the Little River Watershed:
Middle Prong of the Little River Watershed:
Cosby Creek:
Middle Prong Little Pigeon River Watershed:
West Prong of Little Pigeon River Watershed:
North Carolina Side of the Park:
Big Creek Watershed:
Oconaluftee River Watershed:
Deep Creek Watershed:
Noland Creek Watershed

The program would be about our home waters and we decided to do it irregardless of the number of copies it
would sell,
but the Paul Harvey style "rest of the story" didn't turn out that way. During the past five
years or so, it has sold a few thousand copies.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh
This DVD (2 Disc Set) provides
over 4 hours of information and
instructions on fly-fishing for trout
in the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park. See the streams
and witness the action. Learn
everything you need to know in
order to successfully catch
brown, brook and rainbow trout
on the fly. The most successful
fishing methods, techniques,
strategies and much more is
covered. Learn all about the
insects and other foods the trout
eat and how to imitate each one.  
Techniques for fishing during
each season of the year are
Click here for more details.
Forney Creek Watershed:
Hazel Creek Watershed::
Twentymile Creek Watershed::
Straight Fork Watershed:
Raven Fork Watershed:
Cataloochee Creek Watershed:
Misc. Streams:
Eagle Creek, Roaring Fork & Indian Camp
Other Misc. Streams