Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little and baetis BWOs)
2.    Little Yellow Quills
3.    Needle Stoneflies

Most available/ Other types of food:
4.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
5.    Craneflies

Fly Fishing DVD - Part 4
During the first couple of years of making a few trips to the Smokies learning to fly fish the small trout
streams, we meet Ian Rutter, who at the time was the manager of Little River Fly Shop. This eventually led to
Ian helping us out by hosting a few instructional videos we produced on operating various types of handheld
GPS units, as well as giving us plenty of help and advice on fly fishing in the park.

Seeing that Ian was good on-camera presenting introductions to GPS segments, the thought hit me one day
that it may be a good idea for us to produce a video on fly fishing featuring him. Time was a big problem for
Ian because it was Springtime and he was busy at the fly shop. Because of that, Ian only was only able to
spend one day of actual fishing time. Knowing time was short, and knowing that I wanted to include all three
species of trout that exist in the park in the program, he choose to fish the Little Pigeon River for rainbows,
it's tributary Walkers Camp Prong for brook trout, and the Oconaluftee River for brown trout. This all had to
be done in one day and that included time to move from one location to the other as well as setup the
camera equipment at three different locations.

Ian managed to pull it off even though it was late June and the temperature was already reaching the low
nineties. He managed to catch some rainbows, brook trout and a few brown trout before the day was over.
Knowing we were a little short on time, his lovely wife Charity offered to help out by fishing on-camera on
Little River. As a matter of information, both Ian and Charity, known as R and R Fly Fishing, have both been
guiding for the last dozen or so years.

After returning home to Panama City Beach and analysing the video, we returned to the Smokies to do some
more fishing and to shoot some introduction segments after Ian got off from work. We named the program
"Fly Fishing Eastern Freestone Streams - Catching the Grand Slam" because the techniques taught are
applicable to any small freestone mountain stream in the East for catching all three species of trout that exist
in the East.

By the way, not long after the Grand Slam video was finished, we produced another video that featured Ian
entitled "Fly Fishing Eastern Freestone Streams - Successful Strategies".  I will be writing about it tomorrow.

Side Note:
The two videos featuring Charity and Ian Rutter, now on DVD, were the only fishing videos or TV shows I
have produced that featured someone other than myself other than the two part series "The Madam and The
Hooker - Pacific Sailfish", the "School of Bass Fishing", and "Stalking Appalachian Trout"..

The Madam and the Hooker, two one-hour programs, feature Jerry Dunaway, Debra Maddox, Captain Skip
Smith and a world record sailfish catch. At the time, Jerry held more IGFA world records on the big game
species than anyone in the World. He owned the huge mother ship the "Madam" that carried his 46 foot
sportfishing yacht the "Hooker" piggyback. A two thousand gallon diesel fuel tank allowed them the
opportunity to fish many parts of the World no other sportfishing vessel could possibly fish. They could go an
entire month without refueling or obtaining any additional supplies including food. The video includes an
IFGA ladies world record Pacific sailfish caught by Debra on 6 pound test line. I produced programs on the
Hooker team fishing in Costa Rica and Hawaii. This program is licensed to and sold by Bennett Media Group.

"Stalking Appalachian Trout", featuring Chris Tobias, is our latest release. I will be writing about it in the near

"School of Bass Fishing" produced and sold by us is still one of our top selling videos. It features legend
Tom Mann, a top BASS pro for many years and one of the World's most successful lure designers. Over a
billion of his lures have been sold including the famous Little George, Jelly Worm, Kangaroo Worm,
Mann-O-Lure and Sting Ray Grub. He is a member of the National Fishing Hall of Fame and founder of
Mann's Bait Company, Humminbird Electronics and Southern Plastics Company. Unfortunately, Tom passed
away on us a few years ago before we finished producing the complete series of programs we had planned.
He was one of my best friends for almost forty years.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh
"Fly Fishing Eastern
Freestone Streams -
Catching the Grand
Slam", provides a
great example of
how you can go
about catching all
three trout species
in the same day. It's
also a great tool for
learning to fly fish
the Great Smoky
The Madam and Hooker" sportfishing yacht and mother ship. The new owner has changed
the name of the boat to the "Wild Hooker".
Tom Mann, above in his younger days.
This is one of the pictures that was on the
front page cover of Sports Afield, Field and
Stream and Outdoor Life, the three largest
outdoor magazines, all in the same year.
No one else can make that claim.

The picture on the right is Tom and his
ESPN TV co-host Tina Booker. This fish
was caught by Tom during production of
our "School of Bass Fishing" DVD in 2003.