Change of Pace:


Today I fished the smokies with my grandson, Tanner Deupree, eleven years
old. I should say, I took my brand new professional Hi-Def camera along to try it
out while Angie fished with Tanner. He had used his fly rod a few times before in
the park but it was during the cold winter and he didn't have any dry fly action.
Today about 1:00 PM, we stopped at probably the most accessible places there
is along the Walker's Camp Prong to try for some brook trout. Tanner missed a
few strikes but that may be partly my fault. I had tied on a large size 12 attractor
so he could see it easily and that didn't help hooking the small ones. He did
manage to catch a small rainbow but became frustrated with the brooks in a very
short time.
At about 2:00 PM, I decided to move to the Straight Fork on the North Carolina
side of the park. I choose that one because the stream is always a little cooler
and the water is usually a little higher for some reason or other. It takes a long
time to get there from about anywhere, even Cherokee, especially when you
have to leave mom (my daughter) at the casino, grab some food and stop at a
gift shop or two. Anyway, as soon as we arrived at the Straight Fork, about three
miles upstream inside the park Tanner managed to catch his first ever brown
trout. It was small, about 8 inches long, but never-the-less, he was thrilled.
Another rainbow and some unhooked takes ended our day as a thunderstorm
and heavy lightning approached. In other words, my day could not have gone
any better. Spending some time fishing with your grandson is now the top of my
By the way, the large, heavy, Hi-Def camera wore me out. It is very stable on the
shoulder but tough on the arms and shoulders stumbling along a stream. We
changed to shooting all Hi-Def several months ago, but this is the first large
Hi-Def TV camera we have used. My other Hi-Def, one year old now, is a
professional model, but weights quite a bit less. My cameraman will probably quit
when he learns how much this one weights. However, the quality is stunning, and
we hope to have some new releases in Hi-Def on Blu-ray disc this year.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh