Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little and baetis BWOs)
2.    Little Yellow Quills
3.    Slate Drakes
4.    Needle Stoneflies

Most available/ Other types of food:
5.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
6.    Craneflies
7.    Beetles
8.    Grasshoppers
9.    Ants

Big Changes In Weather Headed Our Way
It's going to be much, much cooler and most likely, there's going to be more water in the streams of
the Smokies than there has been in recent days. Little River is already showing a good increase in
its stream level. It is flowing at over 200 cfs this morning.

There's a 70 percent chance of showers today with the high in Gatlinburg only predicted to reach
46 degrees. The low tonight will be around 35 degrees. That means there will be snow in the
higher elevations tonight. There very well may be snow showers this morning in Gatlinburg. I'm
writing this before daylight and haven't checked outside this morning. The low tonight will be  
around 33. Chance of precipitation is 80% for tonight and there's a chance a half inch or so of
snow may accumulate in the lower elevations.

More snow and rain is predicted for Tuesday (an 80% chance) with a high of only 47. Tuesday
night's low will be around 32. It should begin to clear up Wednesday. The high should be near 49
with only a slight chance of rain. It will drop down to about freezing again on Wednesday night.

Thursday shows only a 10 percent chance of snow showers. It should be mostly sunny, with a high
near 53. It should warm up some by Friday with a high predicted to be near 56. Saturday should be
mostly sunny with a high near 60 and a low around 39.

Sunday should continue a gradual warming trend with a high near 61. With the huge hurricane
Sandy nearby, I don't see how the weather guys can get the rainfall amounts figured out very
accurately for the next few days. That written, I should add that so far, they have been able to
predict what the big storm is going to do with amazing accuracy.

Forney Creek Information:
Forney Creek is one of a few sizeable streams in the park that is rarely fished. As far as I have
been able to determine, only a relatively few anglers have fished it's waters. Of course, I have no
idea as to the actual number of anglers that have fished Forney but I do know Angie and I have
only fished it twice. When we did, we did so by boat and we didn't see another human.

Forney is one of the streams that flows into Cherokee Lake and to reach it you must either hike
about 3 1/2 miles, or cross the lake in a boat to reach it's mouth. Those that do go to the trouble to
fish it, probably do so mostly to avoid other anglers. The stream has both browns and rainbows
with brook trout in it's headwaters. According to the following report, it has at least one brookie is in
its lower section. .

One of our Perfect Fly customers and crew recently spent some time there and at my request,
submitted this report on their experience. Thank you, Derek Porter.

Hi James - we had a great trip to Forney.  We hiked in Tuesday evening to CCC camp 71.  
Wednesday we fished the 1.3 miles from Whiteoak Branch Trail back to camp. Thursday we fished
from camp up to White Mans Glory Creek.  Friday, we hiked down to the lake and fished back up to
the bridge for the Bear Creek trail.
> Wednesday and Thursday there were just a ton of bugs flying in the air.  Especially from 11am to
around 4pm.  Temp was around 40 each morning.  I checked water temp around 3pm Thursday
and it was 53 degrees near Slab Camp branch.  
> We caught them on blue-winged olive dries all 3 days. Thursday was just one of those
> magical days.  Over 40 fish were brought to hand with as many takes that I missed or didn't get
all the way in.  About 6 of them were browns.  I didn't see any redds.  
> The biggest surprise came on Friday. About 25 feet below the Bear Creek trail bridge I caught a
rather small fish. Boy was I surprised when it turned out to be a brookie!  I believe Bear Creek
is/was closed for brook trout restoration - right?  Perhaps this 4" guy must have traveled
downstream into Forney?  I had just caught a brown a few minutes before.  Never would have
thought I'd get the slam at 1800 feet elevation!

Other than that excitement, Friday was a slower day.  We didn't see as many bugs in the air and
didn't get as many strikes. I'm guessing  it more a function of it being warmer that morning and day,
weather was changing with some cloud buildup and there was more wind and leaves really
dropping into the creek at a constant rate vs the lower section near the lake being more fished out
from day hikers and people accessing by boat. All factors I guess.

We had autumn sedge visit us at camp each night.  During each day I saw a bunch of what looked
like a cinnamon brown caddis with a long neck flying around the creek.  I'm guessing those where
the needle stoneflies?

Thanks again for the flies and guidance you provide on your site.  Your write up this morning
reminded me of a nice brown I once caught just above three dollar bridge.  He took me on a wild
ride where I chased him downstream while hanging on. I was lucky I didn't fall down.  The Madison
is a beautiful place.

The bwo nymphs were effective too - we just didn't really have to use them as we were getting rises
even at 9am each day.  


I think Derek is right on target with his observations about the insects and other comments. For
certain, he has more knowledge and experience than I do on Forney Creek. Again, we have only
been able to obtain limited information about this stream and I hope this helps anyone planning a
trip to this remote section of the park.  
Copyright 2012 James Marsh