More Notes On Flies:


In the last article on choosing flies for fishing the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park for a specific date and time, I used the first week of June, 2008, as
an example. While I provided my strategy for choosing flies for that particular
time, I did not mention any specific flies. I received a lot of email (over 30) from
interested anglers questioning what flies to use to imitate the insects I referred
to. I do not like mentioning specific companies but in order to make the
information more useful,  I will provide some information in that respect.
Remember, this is specific list of flies only for the first week of June under the
weather and stream conditions that existed that week in 2008.

Little Blue-winged Olives:
Acentrella, Diphetor, Plauditus & Timpanoga sp
Baetis Nymph: 20
Mercer's Poxyback Baetis: 20
Emerging Nymphs:
CDC Biot Captive Dun: (Harrop)
20, 22
Emerging Dun with Trailing Shuck:
Sparkle Dun: Olive 20
Blue-winged Olive Parachute: 20, 22
Crystal Spinner: Rusty: 20, 22

Green Sedges:
Rhyacophila species 14-18 Hook Size
Green Rock Worm pattern: 14, 16, 18
Note: The
Green Weenie works okay for this even though it is not intended for
the insect (available at Little River Outfitters)
Emerging Pupa:
Sparkle Pupa: Olive: (Craig Mathews) 14,16, 18
Dry Adult:
X-Caddis: Green (Craig Mathews) 16
Spent Adult:
Spent Deer Hair Caddis (Craig Mathews): 16
Note the above flies are available from and several
other sources.

Little Yellow Stoneflies:
Perlodidae family:                     
18-10 (actual size range)
Orvis: Oliver Edwards Yellow Stonefly: 12-16
Troutflies: Madam X: 12
Spent: Don't know of a suitable commercially available pattern

Slate Drake:
Isonychia bicolor  
Mercer's Isonychia: 12, 14 (
Emerging Nymphs: Isonychia Emerger: 12,14
Dun: N/A (hatches out of the water)
Umpqua: Rusty Spinner 14 (any Umpqua fly dealer)

Golden Stoneflies:
Perlidae Family                       
2-8 (actual size range)
Ted's Golden Stone: 8
Rogue Foam Stone Giant: 4, 6, 8 Golden
Troutflies: Golden Stone: 8
Spent: Don't know of a suitable commercially available pattern

Beetles:; CDC Beetle Black
Procter's Beetle: 12, 14 & 16 Brown

Hard Body Ant: 12, 14, 16, & 18 Black/Brn; Crystal Ant 16
  Flying Ant 14 & 16

Green Weenie (

Orvis: Dave's Hooper 6, 8, 10, & 12
Orvis has a local store at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Most any fly shop sells this fly

The above list is flies that you do not want to go without (first week of June,
2008) There are a lot of different companies and local fly shops that sell some of
the flies listed above. I just pointed out some for specific flies. That doesn't mean
others don't sell the same fly. By no means is those listed all of the companies
that have these flies available. Outdoor World: has most of
them as well as a local store at Seveirville, Tennessee.

Coming Up Nest:
Other flies you may need for June, 2008
North Carolina Fly Shops near the Smokies

Copyright 2008 James Marsh