Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little and Eastern BWOs)
2.    Little Yellow Quills
3.    Little Yellow Stoneflies
4.    Slate Drakes
5.    Needle Stoneflies
6.    Mahogany Duns

Most available/ Other types of food:
7.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
8.    Craneflies
9.    Beetles
10.  Grasshoppers
11.  Ants

Chris's Revenge
His last trip here, I accused Chis of putting me to sleep while watching him try to catch one of the
South Holston's large brown trout. He didn't pull if off. He managed some nice rainbows on his new
Walter Babb's cane rod, but he broke his 7X tippet twice thinking our big brown trout were not as
difficult to catch as steelhead and/or Great Lake run brown trout. He couldn't pull it off.

Naturally, I tried to convince him it was that wooden fly rod he was using. He's such a big "made in
America" man, I told him it was his punishment for buying a fly rod that grew up in Japan.

Of course, everything was meant only in fun to play with him a little. He is my hero. With four
volunteer tours of overseas duty in places like Iraq and Afghanistan as a solider, he should be
everyone's hero.

Well, I will have to give him credit. Yesterday morning he did pull it off using his James Reid trout
spey. Check this out.

I wasn't with him. He pulled a fast one and stopped by the South Holston on his way here. When I
asked Chris how he managed to catch it,
he said by paying more attention to John Gierach
than me.

I couldn't respond to that like I normally would because of the gift he had just given Angie and I. He
had me holding a big handicap. The gift was a United States flag that had been flown over FOB
Sharana, in eastern Afghanistan.

I don't have time this morning (we are headed fishing) but I will show a picture of the flag and
certificate very soon. A tear ran out of the corner of my eye when he handed me the flag. Knowing
that over 2000 of our solders have died there, made it impossible for me prevent a tear from
running out of the corner of my eye.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh