Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little and Eastern BWOs)
2.    Little Yellow Quills
3.    Little Yellow Stoneflies
4.    Slate Drakes
5.    Needle Stoneflies
6.    Mahogany Duns

Most available/ Other types of food:
7.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
8.    Craneflies
9.    Beetles
10.  Grasshoppers
11.  Ants

Fly Fishing Strategies - Which Flies To Use - Coming Week
"This is the easiest one I've done so far"

In looking at the National Weather Service Precipitation Map, I see the park received varying
amounts of rain ranging from up to five or six inches in some smaller areas to almost none in
others. Just enter Great Smoky Mountains in the "go to location" box. It's about the widest variation
of rainfall amounts I have seen on the map since I have been following it during the past couple of
years. So far, most of the rainfall has occurred in the higher elevations. The radar shows this area
is clear of rain as of now but the forecast still calls for a chance of more today and tonight.

This map changes with time. It will probably be more accurate if you get a 48 hour view instead of
the default 24 hour mode later on today and tomorrow. Of course, if you look at the map next week
on the same time frame setup it won't show anything I'm referring to. I consider it a valuable aid
because it gives you a good idea of the levels of all the streams in the park. The map doesn't show
the streams, but if your familiar with the layout of the park and the streams that flow from it, Little
River Road, Highway 441, the NC/TN state line and the surrounding towns show enough for you to
figure out which water sheds have received the most rainfall and the approximate amount of rain
they have received.

For example, looking at the very curved section of Highway 441 on the Tennessee side a few miles
below where it reaches the North Carolina state line tells me the upper headwaters of Little Pigeon
River as well as the Middle Prong water shed has received a huge amount of rain. One area there
shows a color level I've not seen before or an orange indicating between 5 and 6 inches of rainfall.
That area is in the Walkers Camp Prong and Road Prong areas of the headwaters of the Little
Pigeon River. I can assure you it will be rolling though the valley before the day is over, if not
already.. Neither of these two prongs have a USGS station near the park, so this information really
helps in determining the conditions of these two major streams.

It is now almost 7 AM and I see Little River is flowing at 1080 cfs and 3.6 feet or so. That's slightly
blown out. Cataloochee Creek is at 460 cfs which is also blown out. In fact, is shows it is a record
discharge amount. Oconaluftee River is rolling big time. It is at 2720 cfs, a great deal above the all
time flow in 1990 of 2180 cfs.  

Fly Fishing Strategy:
Don't go

I will update this tomorrow

Glad this is happening BEFORE the brown trout spawn although some of the brookies could
possibly have already built some redds.
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