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More Misc. Trout Food (None of which I think is important for the


The only reason I am listing these creatures is to point out that they are not
important in fly fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They are
common trout foods and I want to make sure anglers can eliminate these from
their minds when fishing the streams of the Smokies. I'm sure there will be some
who disagree with me.

Scuds are probably available in some isolated cases in the streams of the park.
I wouldn't think they are plentiful enough anywhere to warrant fishing an imitation.

Sowbugs may also be present in certain isolated locations. We have not actually
discovered any of them. I am just going by the official listing of aquatic species in
the parks waters. I wouldn't think they are plentiful enough anywhere to warrant
fishing an imitation.

Leeches are present in some areas of the streams within the park. All in all,
however, they are few and far between. In fact, the Smokies is one of the few
places I can recommend that one could safely wet wade. Most trout streams
have leeches and some have tremendous populations of them. The famous
Madison River for one.

The snail is another creature that trout will probably eat but I have not
discovered enough of them along the streams to catch my interest.

Aquatic Earthworms:
Aquatic Earthworms are in every stream within the park. They are found in
isolated areas of the streams. This is usually slow, still water of shallow pockets
and backwaters or place where there is a soft bottom or where a lot of silt has
built up. I am not going to speculate on this one. I can say that we have taken
lots of samples of bottom looking for midges. We have always found a lot of
midges in just about all the places we looked. We do not find that many aquatic
worms. Many areas where we find midge larvae we do not find any aquatic
worms. I wouldn't rule fishing an imitation of them out at all. I wouldn't second
guess anyone that did fish an imitation of them. I just haven't found it necessary
for me to catch trout.

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