Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little and Eastern BWOs)
2.    Little Yellow Quills
3.    Little Yellow Stoneflies
4.    Slate Drakes
5.    Needle Stoneflies
6.    Mahogany Duns

Most available/ Other types of food:
7.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
8.    Craneflies
9.    Beetles
10.  Grasshoppers
11.  Ants

Rain is on the way thank goodness
The streams are running low but the cool nights and highs during the days of around eighty, as
opposed to the low nineties, has maintained the water temperatures in reasonable shape in the
middle and higher elevations. To be perfectly blunt, that difference has saved the lives of plenty of
trout in the lower elevations.

If that had not of been the case, and the daily high air temperatures had reached the low nineties
(and it could easily have done that) we would have been looking at a completely different situation.
Little River is running only 10 cfs from an all time low. Low water means less water and less water
changes temperatures faster than lots of water. All of this should change tomorrow. There's a good
chance of rain headed our way.

Todays high should only be 79 in Gatlinburg. That along with nightly temps in the high sixties has
been a blessing for the fish.

I am currently out of town but will be back tomorrow. The only chance I have had to fish lately was
Friday morning. I caught trout on a size 18 BWO nymph about as fast as I could cast, hook and
release them. One was a twelve inch brown. You should be able to do the same thing today
provided you stay well hidden, use light tippets and small nymphs.

It should be even cooler this coming week and hopefully, the streams will get plenty of water. We
have been lucky so far. I hope that lucky streak continues.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh