Smoky Mountain Stream Journal:

December (12/17/07):
So far, the month of December has been a wonderful period of time for the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The mountains have benefited greatly
from some badly needed rain. I started the month out flying through the air from
the back of a horse. That part didn't hurt at all. It was the sudden stop on the
rocky trail that hurt.
After visiting the emergency room and putting a little thought into it, I decided
that maybe the month started out pretty good for me. I was alive with only a few
cracked ribs. It could have been much worse. I could be dead. Because of this, I
am not able to tell you anything about fishing the park this month. I have heard a
lot of comments from others, but I do not quote others when it comes to fishing.
We purchased complete fly-fishing outfits - waders, vest, fly rods and reels, for
my visiting granddaughter, Jana (age 12) and grandson, Tanner (age 10). I
wanted to show them the joys of fly fishing but I made a bad decision. I took them
horse back riding in the park first.
Otherwise, this month has been great for us. We released the "Fly Fishing the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park" DVD on December 10, 2007. During the
first week we sold over one-hundred copies of this program through our
websites. This does not include our wholesale orders.
We want to say thanks to all of you who purchased this program. We also want
to wish everyone Merry Christmas.

Copyright 2007 James Marsh