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Alderflies (Sialidae, Genus: Sialis)                


The Alderfly is not a very plentiful insect along the streams of the Great Smoky
Mountains National Park but they may be worth noting along with the very similar
Dobsonfly and Fishfly. The trout will eat their larvae as well as eat them in their
short adult life span if they happen to get into the water. These are the species
that are known to exist in the park.

The Alderfly: Family Sialidae
Sialis iola
Sialis joppa

Unlike the Dobsonflies and Fishflies, these insects are fairly easy to spot during
the daylight hours. It is my guess that most anglers confuse them with a large
caddisfly. They look very similar.
I wish I could provide you with some idea of how effective imitations of the
Alderfly are but I cannot. We have not tried them. In England, this is a popular
insect to imitate. The larvae are very similar to the Dobsonfly and Fishfly larvae
and I would think an imitation would work well for either of these two families
which look very similar. My guess is the larva would be the stage of life to imitate
and I would also think the Helligrammite imitation would work well for this. As
always, we would appreciate any information any of you can add to this.

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