Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Little)
2.    Cream Cahills
3.    Little Yellow Stoneflies (Little Summer Stones)
4.    Slate Drakes
5.    Little Green Stoneflies
6.    Mahogany Duns

Most available/ Other types of food:
7.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
8.    Inch Worm (moth larva)
9.    Beetles
10.  Grasshoppers
11.  Ants

International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTDS)
I don't usually take the time to read other guys fly fishing blogs or articles, but this one caught my
eye. I don't know the person that writes the articles on his "
Buster Wants To Fish" site. I think this is
only the second time I have ever paid any attention to the site, so many of you may know far more
than I. What I do know is that what the guy wrote seems to hit the nail on the head. I assume from
the article he is a guide or outfitter.

He makes several good points or maybe they are bad points, depending on how you want to look
at it. Unveiling new products at a time when many fly fishing shops in the nation are right smack in
the middle of their peak season trying to sell what they have in stock doesn't make a lot of sense to
me. Why would Joe Blow customer want a new fly rod when he is being led to believe that within a
month or less there will be better ones on the market? The show doesn't do that, but all the media
and new product release immediately following it will The stores in the mountainous western part of
the country are as busy as they get and the owners, managers, guides, etc., don't necessarily
need to be off partying, or I meant attending a fly show in Reno. Most of the guys that own stores
and/or work the short season of the northern Rockies had probably rather be raking in cash than
spending it, much less having to listen to new hype by the manufacturers they buy from, especially
those that are competing against them. Buster didn't say that. I did.

I attended one of these shows when it was held in Denver not many years ago and was I was very
disappointed in it. I had considered taking a booth for our Perfect Fly Company but I first decided I
should attend the show to see what it consist of. I'm glad I did because I could see absolutely no
feasible advantage in doing that. Of course, Perfect Fly doesn't fit the standard fly fishing
manufacturer's business model. We don't sell to dealers and that is of course, what this show is all
about. As each year passes, it seems like all the manufacturers are trying to become what we are -
that is manufacturers that sell direct to the public.

How companies such as the major fly rod and wading gear manufacturing companies expect to be
able to successfully selling to the public and selling to dealers at the same time is beyond my
scope of vision, but maybe I will learn something. I think they are trying to slip into retail at their
dealers expense. xfdaiejajedljlssajfjaosfjshy Each month there seems to be yet another one that
opens a website store selling directly to the public. Of course, this isn't new. Orvis has done this
successfully for a few years. Of course, they are more of a gift shop and clothing store than a fly
fishing manufacturer and what they do make is mostly make in China.

Unless it was owned by a close friend or cousin, why would a customer want to purchase a fly rod,
reel or pair of waders from a mom and pop fly shop that may stay in business or may not, when
they could purchase the same thing directly from the manufacturer at the same price. In fairness, I
guess I should add or from a manufacturer that may or may not stay in business, especially those
offering life-time warranties. Heck, in spite of their denying it, a few manufactures in a few situations
have sold to the public below their dealer prices.

Oh, well. I thought I would rub it in a little. After all, I'm trying to replace everything everyone of
them makes with better product.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh