Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    BWOs (Eastern)
2.    Green Sedges (Caddisflies)
3.    Cinnamon Caddis (Mostly Abrams Creek)
4.    Cream Cahills
5.    Little Yellow Stoneflies (Little Summer Stones)
6.    Sulphurs
7.    Slate Drakes
8.    Little Green Stoneflies

Most available/ Other types of food:
10.  Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
11.  Inch Worm (moth larva)
12.  Beetles
13.  Grasshoppers
14.  Ants

A "Real" Fishing Celebrity will entertain thousands at the annual
Pigeon Forge Patriot Festival tomorrow, July 4th

What do I mean by "real" fishing celebrity? Well, I'm sure all of you have seen celebrities
ranging from singers, actors, race car drivers, as well as pro golfers, baseball, football and
basketball stars fishing on various TV fishing shows. That's a fairly common thing. What's
uncommon about country music legend John Anderson, it that's he is as good of a fisherman
as he is a singer and song writer and that's saying a heck of a lot. He's a lifetime
achievement award winner. As always, he will be accompanied on stage at the Pigeon Forge
Patriot Festival by his fishing crew, or I mean band. They too are all good fishermen.

I know because I have had the opportunity to fish with John and members of his band a few
times. When I first met him, I was supposed to be teaching him how to saltwater fish. After
three days of fishing together over a period of about three years, mostly on the offshore oil
rigs south of Mobile Bay near Gulf Shores Alabama, it became quite clear John was teaching
me as much or more than I was teaching him. Boat loads of fish, all coming from his game
plan, was evidence of that.

Our last trip together, with a TV cameraman and skipper following along in my boat to record
the outing, John announced he was going to make a stop near an inshore buoy near the
mouth of the Mobile Bay to catch a Ling. Ling is the southern Louisiana name for cobia. He
idled the boat within casting distance of a buoy he had in mind, hooked on a live pinfish from
the livebait well, and cast it on an open face spinning reel a long way from the boat right
smack underneath the buoy. A second or two later, John set the hook, fought and landed a
large cobia. It was his first cast of the day. I did gaff the fish but that was the full extent of my
assistance in the entire ling event.

That was just a warmup for things to come. John proceeded to take us offshore to one of the
many oil rigs in the area where we loaded boat with a limit of large red snapper for everyone
onboard. That was before the latest new low limit on the Gulf's snapper. There was no
problem in getting video of it. There wasn't even a need for the cameraman to put the
camera on standby. As long as we had a hook in the water, there was continuous action.

John may have been relatively new at saltwater fishing back in the early 1990's but he
certainly wasn't new to fishing. He enjoys it well enough to make sure his home is located on
a good Tennessee smallmouth bass lake. He keeps a boat ready to go fishing there as well
as one on the Gulf of Mexico.

If your in or near the Great Smoky Mountains tomorrow, you should make it a point to see his
performance. I have had the privilege of being a back stage guest during two concerts with
him. I can't describe how exciting it is to see things from the band's perspective. One was at
a concert on Panama City Beach with about 80,000 people in attendance. At the time he had
the number one country music hit, "Money in the Bank". About the only way I can describe
being up on the back of the stage is to say that looking out over a crowd large enough to go
completely out of sight is nothing short of mind boggling.

The Patriot Festival concert is put on by Pigeon Forge and it is free. In addition to John,
there will be a performance by the Loving Spoonfuls and some others but John's
performance will be the main event. He will be followed by one of the finest fire work displays
you will ever see. Angie has plans to attend but I will have to miss this year's event. .  

Be sure to celebrate our nation's independence from Great Britain. If it's left up to the current
administration, there will be little difference in the two.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh