Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives and Little BWOs
2.    Green Sedges (Caddisflies)
3.    Cinnamon Caddis (Mostly Abrams Creek)
4.    Little Short Horned Sedges
5.    Eastern Green Drakes (Abrams Creek)
6.    Hendricksons & Red Quills
7.    American March Browns
8.    Giant Stoneflies
9.    Light Cahills

Most available/ Other types of available food:
10.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Update: Fly Fishing Strategies - Which Fly To Use - Part 39

Current Weather Conditions:
I wrote yesterday's article at 4:00 AM. The rainfall amounts that had occurred that I gave were
at that particular time. I did mention that it was still raining at the time I was writing the article. It
continued to do so for some time and in some areas, it rained lightly for most of the day. The
results ended up to be a good inch more of rain than I reported in many areas of the park.

Yesterday near noon, the Little Pigeon River was high, too high to safely wade anywhere. As I
predicted it would do, Little River continued to rise for most of the day and reached 465 cfs at
one point. It is currently at 374 cfs and bouncing around slightly up and now headed back
down. I looked at Little River at the turn to Elkmont area about 1:00 PM yesterday and it was
high and slightly stained. From there I went through Gatlinburg past the Middle Prong of Little
Pigeon River. It was rolling strong and just within the banks.

I made the last part of the trip not to really to check the streams but to take Biddie to the vet
for a checkup. I haven't done that in over three years. Angie normally does that, so I made the
trip almost to Cosby to find out the clinic we previously used had been closed for over three
years. Angie has been using one near our home in Pigeon Forge for the past three years and
somehow, thought I was smart enough to know that. She was wrong. I have her bad fooled. I'm
not near as smart as she thinks I am and even that isn't very smart. Biddie and I had a good
time riding around much of the day. We did see several wild turkeys which for some reason,
are much easier to spot when it is foggy and misting rain.

Back to the streams, I noticed the North Carolina side of the park received a good inch more
than I reported. The areas along the Appalachian Trail received from 2 to 2 1/2 inches. On the
middle elevation areas of the south side of the park, there has been from 2 1/2 to 3 inches of
precipitation during the last 48 hours and in some areas even more.
This map will show the
amounts. Enter Great Smoky Mountains in the "go to location" box and then click the 48 hour
box to get the amounts since it has started raining. By the way, be aware that if you do this at
any other time than today, you will get different data.

Weather Outlook Changes:
It seems that the National Weather Service, AccuWeather and the other weather websites
won't stick to any forecast for over an hour or two. I guess the current weather pattern is
difficult to predict. They are now showing much less chances of the wet stuff. They missed the
amounts big time in their forecast for the past 48 hours, so maybe they have it right this time.
They are now showing nothing of any consequence until Friday night and even then and
Saturday (according to the only one brave enough to predict amounts at this time -
AccuWeather), not over a quarter inch of rain. The National Weather Service will wait until it is
raining to state their opinion.

The bottom line to this is if the current forecast is correct, conditions should be okay
for this weekend.
I hope so, because I know of several different groups of people coming
from out of town to fish this weekend. The streams should continue to drop today and
tomorrow. These forecast are for Gatlinburg and not for the high elevations of the mountains.
There isn't any official forecast for the mountains and it's usually a completely different
situation due to the much higher elevations. There may be some thunderstorms this weekend
and everyone should pay close attention to the weather in that regard. The amounts of rain
can be much higher in areas of isolated thunderstorms. Don't get caught on the wrong side of
the creek if sudden rises in the stream levels happen to occur from these isolated storms.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh