Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives and Little BWOs
2.    Blue Quills
3.    Quill Gordons
4.    Little Short Horned Sedges
5.    Little Brown Stoneflies
6.    Hendricksons & Red Quills
7.    American March Browns

Most available/ Near hatching and/or other types of available food:
8.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

More Funny Weather On The Way
If the folks at AccuWeather know what they are doing, we're in for some strange
weather for the next 3 weeks.
Look at this long range forecast.

According to the forecast, the high for tomorrow in Gatlinburg will be 84 and on
Tuesday, 83 degrees. Starting next Monday, April 9th,
they show the highs just
about remaining in the sixties all the way through April 25th.
That's pretty
incredible, or at least I can't ever remember that happening to that extent. It looks like
an April fools joke but it isn't. It's exactly the reverse of what you would expect.

Now if you read this article after today, the first of April, you may see a different
forecast but that's what it's currently showing.

What will that do to the aquatic insect hatches? I guess it will slow things down but by
the same token, all the warm weather we have been having has things ahead of
schedule by as much as a month. I think it's actually closer to two weeks ahead of what
normally would be considered early hatches at this point in time, but never-the-less,
this is going to continue to be a strange year it seems.

My Fishing Report:
First of all, I don't want this to appear that I have a change of heart about fishing
reports. I don't like them at all if anyone uses them for a guide or even an indication as
to what they may be able to catch. They are interesting reading for many. I do feel
sorry for any angler that uses fishing reports as a guideline for whether or not they
should go or not go fishing. Anyone that does that has a problem to start with.

I did make it in the park for a little fishing yesterday. It turned out to be a little fishing
and a lot of catching. It seems I couldn't do anything wrong.  Well, actually, I didn't do
anything different from the time I started to the time I quit. In other words, I only did one
thing, so I don't actually know if I could do anything wrong or not. I would certainly be
willing to bet I could have. Actually, I'm tired, late doing the article today and in a stupid
silly mood.

I got an email from a guy last year that said it wasn't very polite to list numbers of fish
caught. I notice some anglers tend to leave the numbers out, but often when they do, I
think it's to make it appear they caught more than they actually did. Others happily list
the number and still others content they didn't count and couldn't remember how many
they caught. That usually sounds like more bull to me. Unless someone caught a lot of
fish, it seems they are a little dense if they can't remember what they caught. I just get
a kick out of how different anglers go about reporting the number of fish they catch.
The only thing I hate seeing is fish lying on the bank or rocks so someone can get their
picture. Reminds me of the TV ad I see running lately about air quality where the
goldfish is trying to breath out of the water.

Another thing I have noticed is that although some anglers leave out the numbers, they
don't seem to mind stating the exact length or size of anything considered fairly large. I
see little difference in doing that and stating the numbers.
I guess my point is that I
really don't see anything wrong with the way any angler wants to report what
they caught.
I see nothing wrong with number, or size and I also see nothing wrong
with someone not revealing anything to do with what they caught or didn't catch.

I could be "professional" and tell you "I didn't keep count and don't know how many I
caught in the two hours I fished". On second thought, I won't do that because you may
think I'm stupid, can't count well, or that I'm suffering from a dementia problem. I know
exactly how many I caught and can remember each of them in detail.

How would anyone know if they couldn't remember something anyway? If they could do
that, it seems they would remember what it was they couldn't remember. Makes them
look like our Attorney General.  
Copyright 2012 James Marsh