Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Ollives and Little BWOs
2.    Blue Quills
3.    Quill Gordons
4.    Little Short Horned Sedges
5.    Little Brown Stoneflies
6.    Hendricksons & Red Quills
7.    American March Browns

Most available/ Near hatching and/or other types of available food:
8.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

A Very Scary Story
I know this isn't a Great Smoky Mountain fly fishing article but it is something I want to
write about. I discovered an article on the web last night that made me sick at my
stomach as I read it. It worried me all night and just outright made me sick because it's
so real, or I guess I should say, because I could picture it happening so vividly. I cannot
find the same article, but here's a short version of it.

It relates to so many fishing trips I have made with friends around the oil rigs in the Gulf
of Mexico from off the coast of Alabama to Texas. Keep in mind, the same exact thing
could happen in a lake, especially during cold weather. I know many of you own boats
and if you do, you should pay close attention.

Although I've tied up to the rigs many times, I usually preferred to troll or drift around
them. The traditional method is to tie off to the rig as the guys in the story did. The
same exact problem could occur trolling. There are hundreds of rigs in the Gulf and
those off the Texas coast are mostly twenty to a hundred miles offshore. The only
mistake I could figure out these guys made, other than overlooking and not detecting
whatever caused the problem, was not having a SSB radio. VHF radio range is 25
miles or so and varies with weather. They were out of VHF radio range of the Coast
Guard and their Mayday call didn't work. Mayday relays doesn't always work. If your
going to go out of VHF range, you need either a radio-telephone or single side band

For the last several of my mostly saltwater fishing years, I did regular fishing trips and
fished numerous tournaments offshore in the Gulf and Atlantic and other areas of the
western hemisphere. Other than the blue water offshore fishing I did in large
sportfishing yachts, I did most of the small boat offshore trips in new 25 foot Ranger
boats that I promoted for the company and tested extensively. These were twin engine
outboard, center console, 9 foot beam boats that were
solid foam filled and
wouldn't sink.
That was one of the best things about them. I competed in the SKA
saltwater fishing tournaments and other offshore tournaments with the security of
knowing the boats wouldn't sink. The boat in the story was a Scarab. They are fast,
slim, run well in high seas but as far as I'm concerned, lack in terms of safety. So do
many others. They also roll bad in the trough.

After years of promoting Ranger's new line of big boats, the relatively new owner and
money man, Mr. Erwin Jacobs, decided he would stop building them. The reason was
they were hurting the sells of his other boat companies like Wellcraft and Aqua Sports,
both low quality boats his Genmar Company owned. He is a smart, very wealthy
businessman (not from the boating business - but Qualcomm) but knows about as
much about boats as I know about brain surgery. Put bluntly, the jerk is no Forest

I'll let you read the story and in tomorrow's article, I'll write about a very, very similar
event that almost took my dad's and cameraman's lives as well as my own life several
years ago. It was an offshore fishing trip on my twin inboard/outboard 27 foot
Sportscraft. If I had of tied up to a rig or anchored, I wouldn't be writing this story.

Over the years, I've produced and been the host of over forty instructional videos/DVD
on boating. These are all still being sold by Bennett Media Corporation of Vince,
California. I have a Heavy Weather boating video (that almost took my life in the
making), three boating safety videos, several operational boating videos for different
types of boats from twin inboards to single outboards, several navigation boating
videos, a US Coast Guard Captains License Video, and several others on boating. I
have owned numerous boats and spend at large part of my life on the water in a boat. I
also host and produced 47 instructional videos on saltwater fishing. More of my videos
on saltwater fishing have been sold than anyone's.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh