Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Ollives and Little BWOs
2.    Blue Quills
3.    Quill Gordons
4.    Little Black Caddis (
Little Brown Stoneflies
6.    Hendricksons & Red Quills
7.    American March Browns
Most available/ Near hatching and/or other types of available food:
8.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Crazy Weather
Finally, we may get a little relief from the heat. The highs for Gatlinburg this coming weekend is
only going to be 71 Saturday and 67 Sunday. .

Yesterday afternoon was something else. There was zero rain in the forecast but it rained big
time but only in spots. If you don't understand what "isolated thunderstorm" means, you would
have figured it out yesterday. Some areas got over 3 inches of rain and some within a quarter of
a mile from there got almost none.

For a few minutes I was certain the streams in the Tennessee side of the park were going to
flood. In fact, there was a flood warming issued by the National Weather Service around 5:00 PM
yesterday for Gatlinburg and the park from there to Elkmont. It did rain over two inches in just a
few minutes in Gatlinburg according to the weather reports. It did raise the Little Pigeon River fast
but mostly in the lower sections and of course, downstream outside the park. I haven't seen the
river this morning and since there isn't a USGS water station on the stream, I don't have a clue
what it is doing. We didn't just miss Winter, which by the way, begin Yesterday. We missed
Spring. Isolated thunderstorms happen during hot summer weather, or at least I thought they did.  

The Little River watershed finally got some luck. It has been the target of most of the park's rain
for the last week or two, but it missed the rain yesterday - barely. The river just fluctuated a tiny
bit from what looks like about a quarter of an inch of rain. That's good because it's just now
getting back down to where it can be waded and that's only if your very careful to pick and
choose your areas. It is flowing at 598 cfs this morning.

They have already begin to increase the predictions for rain for this Friday and Saturday. It's now
60 percent for Friday and 50 for Saturday. One weather site shows no chance of rain until Friday
and one shows chances of thunderstorms every day. They show about .6 of an inch from now
until Sunday. When you look at the huge weather front that's in Texas and Louisiana, all I can say
is if it comes this way, they will do as they always do and continue to increase the chances. WHAT
a good job of explaining what I mean, so I'll put it like this. Anyone can predict a small amount of
rain for a week ahead and then increase it as the fronts approach, including raising it up to a
gully washer a few hours before it hits. It seems they have a pattern of doing that.

I lived on the beach of Florida for about twenty-five years and there, I understood the lousy
weather forecast. I'll put it this way. If the local news media predicted much rain or cold weather
for that matter, they wouldn't have any TV or radio commercials to run. Since it's all a tourist
industry, they are not about to predict it will rain or turn cold. If it's 30 degrees on Panama City
Beach, the weather reports say beautiful, sunny skies. If there's no hurricane within a hundred
miles, the chances of rain, if ever mentioned, can't exceed ten percent anytime.

I told Angie, to stop worrying about tornadoes where we live on the side of the mountain in Pigeon
Forge. I contended the mountains always broke up the weather that had potential tornadoes. I
stated that the foothills and mountains sent them all up high in the atmosphere and they didn't
touch land. I told her tornadoes happened in flat country. Then she saw the pictures of the one
that crossed Chilhowee Lake and part of the Smokies last April.
That ended her belief that I
was safe to be around and convinced her I wasn't a meteorologist.
I had her fooled for a
while. I didn't tell her I was a meteorologist. I said I had a masters in Astronomy or the study of
those heavenly bodies.

I still say this weekend is going to be great and conditions will remain excellent for fishing. You
can believe me or you can agree with Angie. You have a choice.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh