Insects and other foods the trout should be eating:
1.    Midges
2.    Blue-winged Ollives and Little BWOs
3.    Blue Quills
4.    Quill Gordons
5.    Little Black Caddis (
Little Brown Stoneflies
7.    Hendricksons & Red Quills

Most available/ Near hatching and/or other types of available food:
8.     American March Browns
9.     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

What's Behind the Warm Weather?

Thanks to Perfect Fly, I talk to anglers ranging from locals that fish the Smokies
to anglers fly fishing for trout all across the country on a daily basis. If you
consider email, I could stretch that to usually include some foreign countries.

Just this past week, I talked to two different anglers purchasing flies that are
coming to the Smokies to fish from Michigan. Both guys talked about the fact the
temperature was reaching 80 degrees where they lived. An angler from Central
Florida coming to the Smokies in April mentioned that he noticed the weather in
Tennessee had been just as warm as it had been in Orlando. An angler from
Washington DC asked if he was going to miss the Spring hatches in the
Smokies by coming in mid April. There were other calls along the same line but I
don't remember the details. I do remember all of them got around to mentioning
the highly unseasonable warm, weather.

Most of the calls were relative to fishing other parts of the country. I got calls
about what to expect on trout streams in western Maryland tailwaters from two
different anglers this past week. I talked to one angler from Pennsylvania
headed to North Georgia for a week to fish the Toccoa River. He wanted to
know what to expect in the way of hatches. Yesterday, I got a call from a Texas
angler headed to Yellowstone in late June who noticed the snow was already
melting from the streets of West Yellowstone, Montana. He asked if it was going
to be another low, warm water year for Yellowstone streams.

We have detailed information on over 350 trout streams on the Perfect Fly site,
plus this website, a Yellowstone website and a Fly Fishing DVD website. This
leads to a lot of questions about streams, much of which I can answer from our
many hatch charts and quick link files we have set up to things like streams
flows, weather, etc., for streams across the nation. All of this is greatly affected
by the crazy weather. It's not just the Smokies that is undergoing unusual weather
conditions. It's the entire nation.

Our very unusual warm weather is making headlines around the world. This past
week, an angler from England who purchased our Fly fishing Yellowstone DVD
sent an email asking how the warm weather was going to affect his July trip to

Most all the weather experts agree that La Nina is one of the major causes of the
warm weather we experienced this Winter. The Arctic Oscillation together with
the North Atlantic Oscillation is what they contribute the big differences to.

Something that struck me funny, was the fact all the weather experts have said
"La Niña is expected to weaken in the Spring, allowing moisture to return to
much of the country". I read that just after looking at the stream levels in the park,
all of which are very high. None of the major streams are really safe to wade this
morning on either side of the park. I'm sure there are some small headwater
streams that can be waded safely but that's about it. I just hope La Nina doesn't
weaken to the point it allows much more moisture to return to the Smokies. I'm
not complaining. I'll take the high water over a drought condition anytime.

Sorry, I have to run. I don't want my tomatoes to get to ripe before I pick them. It's
going up to about 80 degrees here in Pigeon Forge again today. I'm kidding, of
course, but I am seriously wondering if I should go ahead and plant some. You
can take a man out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the man. I
like to watch them grow and taste the freshness of them, even if they probably
end up costing $5.00 each.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh