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Great Brown Autumn Sedge  (Pycnopsyche species)


The Great Brown Autumn Sedge is a large caddisfly that hatches in the autumn
months in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are a lot of different
species of the
Pycnopsyche genus of the Limnephilidae family of mayflies called
the Northern Case Makers. Here are the species that have been found in the

Pycnopsyche antica
Pycnopsyche conspersa
Pycnopsyche divergens
Pycnopsyche flavata
Pycnopsyche gentilis  
Pycnopsyche guttifer
Pycnopsyche lepida  
Pycnopsyche limbata  
Pycnopsyche luculenta
Pycnopsyche scabripennis  
Pycnopsyche sonso
Pycnopsyche subfasciata

The guttifer species is the one called "The Great Brown Autumn Sedge" and the
one that is most plentiful in the park. This caddisfly is more show than place. You
would think the trout would go nuts over such a large caddisfly and they very
well may do that. The problem is, most of them are eaten at nighttime.

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