Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Midges
2.    Little Winter Stoneflies
3.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Checklist - Checklist
In yesterday's article, I provided a short first aid kit checklist and mentioned a checklist I used on
my various saltwater fishing boats. It was several pages long and something we used religiously.
There's nothing more disgusting than being several miles offshore or from the dock, and
discovering you don't have something you need. This is especially true when your fishing
tournaments. The list included more boat stuff than fishing items but even so, the fishing item part
was three pages long. Several years ago, the list was converted into two different national
magazine articles by two different outdoor writers that fished with me. One was for Boating
Magazine and the other for Sportsfishing Magazine. I spent an hour yesterday trying to find it but
didn't. It is here both in printed and digital form but so far, I haven't been able to put my finger on
it. Anyway, it would have little to do with fishing the Smokies except for maybe Cherokee Lake and
other lakes nearby. Most of the boating sections had extensive electronic checklist, offshore
boating safety, maintenance and navigation items, etc.

This morning I made a list up of items you may want to use (and I'm including myself at the top of
the needy list) for fly fishing the Smokies. This could be expanded or redone into a backcountry
list by those that camp at the remote sites in the park. For what it's worth to you, if anything, here
it is: You don't have to send a check for it
unless you just want to.

Valid fishing license (Tennesse or North Carolina/both work anywhere in the park)
Wader Bag (if you use one)
Waders (chest-high breathable unless you can wet wade). Hip waders, if appropriate
Wading boots (felt or rubber soles) even if you wet wade during warm weather
Wading boot liners (if you wet wade)
Wading staff (if used)
Wading belt (VERY IMPORTANT)
Gravel guards
Wader patch kit (Aquaseal, duct tape)
Fly Fishing vest or pack
Rainsuit (coat and pants preferred but at least a rain jacket)
Gloves (During cold weather)
Fishing Gloves (Cut out fingers during cold weather recommended)
Spare Set of clothing including socks, underwear (keep in vehicle in case you fall in)
Hook Remover type Forceps
Tippet Nippers
Tie-Fast knot tier (if you use them)
Water Temperature Thermometer
Eye Glasses (if you wear them)
Eye Glasses (if needed up close)
Magnifiers (if you use them to tie on hooks)
Polarized sunglasses with neck keeper
First Aid kit (including your medicine)
Lip balm
Cell Phone
Portable GPS (elevation and mapping preferred)
Paper maps of the park (I prefer Saint Clair Maps)
Contacts (Including Nat'l park office/rangers; Perfect Fly 800-594-4726)
Your personal information (family, friends, phone numbers and medical history, if important, other
info in case of an emergency)
Camera (camera bag, lens cleaner, spare lens, batteries, film or digital storage devices
Flashlight (spare batteries)
Hidden spare vehicle keys (ever had to break out a window, we have - a rental car)
Leaders wallet (if you use one)
Spare Leaders (Perfect Fly)
Tippet dispenser (with each size needed)
Spare Tippet spools (in case the dispenser tippet runs out) Perfect Fly
Fly Line cleaner/dressing
Dry fly powder
Dry fly liquid
Wet fly dressing
Lanyard (if you use one)
Landing Net
Magnetic or other type net holder (if you use one)
Thermos (if you use one)
Water bottle (various types for day pack or at least bottle water in your vehicle)
Energy Bars or Candy
Ice Check/Cooler for vehicle
Lunch bag (if your fishing very long)
Soft / Energy Drinks (if your fishing very long)
Cigars, Pipe, Cigarettes (if your dense)
Liquor/moonshine/beer (if your crazy and by the way, illegal in the park)
Handgun (if your a scarred chicken) I'm kidding, but you won't find me carrying one
Gear and Tackle bag
Strike Indicators (various sizes)  Perfect Fly
Weights (split shot, lead, non-toxic weights)
Perfect Fly boxes loaded with Perfect Flies (if you plan on catching trout)
Fly Rods
Fly Reels
Spare Fly Line
Spare Fly Line Backing

and all the other things I'm forgetting

I suggest that you modify this to best meet your personal needs, cut and paste this as a
document and print it, or just print it as is.
I've really given this less than an hour's thought and I'm sure it can be greatly improved.

Dang if I didn't almost leave off the first aid kit...see what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, I'm not getting Dementia, you young smart XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Copyright 2012 James Marsh