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Mahogany Duns (Paraleptophlebia species) - Duns and Spinners


As I previously said, these mayflies hatch in the calm, slow moving water
of eddies, pockets behind boulders and in pockets along the banks of the
stream. They hatch in the mornings, sometimes as early as 8:00-9:00
o'clock depending on the temperature.

You want to make the same type presentations I suggested for the
emerger imitations. Long, light leaders and tippets help fool the trout in
the calmer water. For the most part, this is a matter of casting to a spot,
picking the line up and casting to another likely spot. Getting a long drag
free drift is about impossible if you place the fly in the type of water the
Mahogany Duns hatch in.

The male and female spinners look entirely different. The females are
usually a rusty brown but the males have white or translucent looking
abdomens. They fall very late in the afternoons and into the evenings. The
spinner falls will occur after it is legal to fish in the park.

Since  falls occur later than you can fish.

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