Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Midges
2.    Little Winter Stoneflies
3.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Great January Weather / Needed Site Updates
There's no question about where the spotlight should be shining on Great Smoky Mountains
National Park at the present time. I'm pointing it at the wonderful and pleasant Spring-like
weather. Of course the Smokies don't have an exclusive on the great weather. The entire
Southeastern U. S. is benefiting from the same warm weather pattern. Weather wise, most of the
nation is in good shape.

Cloudy weather is almost always a plus factor when it comes to fishing. Yesterday was absolutely
beautiful. Today, there's a thirty percent chance of showers. I like the word "showers" as opposed
to "rain". I'm not sure as to the exact difference. It has "showered" quite a bit in the park lately
According to the precipitation map most of the park has received about a half inch to
three-quarters of an inch of rain. That too, is great. It was just about the right amount needed.

The forecast doesn't call for any heavy amounts of rain but they are expecting from a thirty to a
sixty percent chance of rain through Thursday of next week. In other words folks, you couldn't ask
for better fishing weather in the Smokies during the month of January. It will change back to
normal by Thursday night as a cold front moves the warm air out. They expect a low of only 25
degrees .I've been writing about fishing cold water for almost a month now, but today, it just didn't
seem right to do that.

It's amazing how the weather affects the minds of anglers. I'm sure every fly shop owner in the
nation is far more aware of that than I am, but I was pleasantly surprised that our Perfect Fly
website suddenly went from the normal January cruising along mode into overdrive the last
couple of days. The 800 phone line rang off the hook with orders. It's just a fact that unexpected
nice weather puts anglers in a good "fishing" frame of mind.

I'm cutting this short today because I have worked for three straight days on this website and I'm
a little worn out from it. I'm still not but about half finished with what I need to do. I received an
email yesterday from the Perfect Fly website from a nice gentleman that reminded me our stream
section on the Middle Prong of Little River didn't mention Lynn Camp Prong was closed. I emailed
him back to thank him, assuming he was referring to the stream section of the Perfect Fly site.
This morning I checked the Perfect Fly site and it mentioned the brook trout restoration and that
stream was closed. I just then realized he was referring to the stream section of this website. It
hadn't been updated since 2007 and it didn't mention anything about Lynn Camp being closed. It
just mentioned that plans were underway to restore it. That reminded me as to just how far I am
behind in being current.

I'm going through the entire Fly Fishing Great Smoky Mountains site and hopefully, bring
anything out of date, up to date. I've also got to go into numerous streams on the huge stream
section of our Perfect Fly site and update the recommended gear pages of all the streams of
Maryland, Vermont, Rhode Island and this coming March, Missouri. Felt soles are/and or will be
banned in those states.

Yes, I do have some help with all of this website work but in the end, much of it comes down to
getting done by the one and only, yours truly. I got so tired, for the first time ever, I erased
yesterday's article before I backed the site up. I think that's a clue I need to slow down and rest or
get some more help, one or the other.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh