Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Midges
3.    Little Winter Stoneflies
4.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Happy New Year and Thanks To Everyone
Angie and I both want to thank you for supporting the "Fly Fishing Great Smoky Mountains
National Park" website. According to our site statics and search engine rankings, for several
straight years in a row, we continued to be the most popular site on fly fishing Great Smoky
Mountains National Park.

We are fortunate enough to be able to live anywhere we choose and the foothills of the Great
Smoky Mountains is the area we chose to call home. We didn't choose to live here because
either of us were born and raised here or because we have family ties and/or work and
income related benefits from living in the Smokies. Angie is from Pensacola Florida and
although I spent 32 years in Florida, I'm originally from north Alabama. We chose to live in the
Smokies because it permits us to fly fish for trout in a beautiful area on a year-round basis. No
other area of the nation has a climate that's mild enough to permit one to fish for native and
wild trout throughout the year. Thanks to the high elevations of the Great Smoky Mountains
it's never to hot to fish for trout. When compared to any other part of North America that
supports native and wild trout, thanks to the area's mild climate, it's a rare day the weather is
too cold to fish for trout in the Smokies.

During 2011, the number of sells of our "Fly Fishing Great Smoky Mountains National Park"
DVD reached a higher level than any of the previous three years. Normally, sells of fishing
videos reach their highest levels during the first year of their release. This program is actually
gaining in popularity as time goes by. We contribute it to the increasing popularity of fly fishing
the Smokies.

The great majority of those purchasing our Smoky DVD come from areas outside of the
surrounding states. It never ceases to amaze us at the number of purchases that come from
people living in sections of the country outside the Southeastern United States. Fly fishing in
general isn't becoming more popular. The economy of the years since the video was released
has also contributed in an overall slowdown in fly fishing as well as in all outdoor related
We think the popularity of fly fishing in the Smokies is largely due to the
More and more people are discovering there's native and wild trout fishing in the
South. Until recent years, we think this was largely known only by local anglers living in the
states surrounding the Smokies. I think we will see an increase in fly fishing the Smokies when
the economy gets straightened out. That will happen. People are fed up with the gross
overspending, waste and huge failures of the past.

Our "Perfect Fly" website more than doubled the previous year's sells for the third straight
year. It has rapidly become one of the top visited fly fishing websites in the World.  During the
peak months of the nation's fly fishing season, the site was averaging more than 6,000 unique
hits a day. Some days toped 10,000. It is a huge site. We have added more streams which
now total well over 400, all with at least two pages of information and many with four pages of
information. There's hundreds of pages on flies and hundreds more on how to fish them. The
sells of our Perfect Flies has rapidly increased since becoming available to the public just
three years ago. We're now stocking over 100,000 flies and that number is going to have to
be increased considerably to keep up with the growth.

It seems like just yesterday that, standing on the bank of Soda Butte Creek in Yellowstone, I
selected a fly from my fly box that looked much like a mayfly Angie caught in her hand. Her
response to the fly I selected was "that's a perfect fly" and on that day, Perfect Fly became
the name of the flies we were creating to match the real insects. We thank all of you that  
have contributed to the rapid growth of Perfect Fly. Many of our Perfect Fly customers are
Smoky Mountain anglers that have discovered that the old traditional so-called Smoky
Mountain flies are far better off in a glass encased frame over the mantel of their log cabin
than on the end of a tippet. They have tried our far superior imitations of the real insects that
are in the streams of the Smokies and the result has been an incredible high percentage
(over 90 percent) of re-orders.

Back to this website (Smoky Mountains)
just our daily article page alone averaged over a
1,000 individual unique visitors per day for more than eight months of 2011. At it's lowest daily
numbers, it receives over 550. As long as that many people open the article up (and hopefully
read it) I will continue to devote the time necessary to write the articles even though our
Perfect Fly website is far more popular. From a pure business standpoint, I should probably
devote my time otherwise. Thank goodness, I don't have to live and operate by the best
business standards. I write the daily articles because I enjoy doing it and because of the
response I get from those of you that read the articles. You make it well worth my time.

I just reviewed this article and it sure reads like I;m bragging. Hum, I guess I am. I'm obviously
very proud of the success of our websites and the success of our Perfect Fly company. I am
very thankful to all of you. Happy New Year to all of you. God Bless all of you.
Copyright 2011 James Marsh