Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Yellow Quills (
Heptagenia Group)
3.    Needle Stoneflies
4     Great Brown Autumn Sedge
5.    Midges
6.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
16 New "Perfect Fly" Spey Flies, 8 New Generic Egg Flies & 3 new
Steelhead Flies and hope you had a happy Thanksgiving
I know some of you that read these articles fish the Great Lakes area for salmon and steelhead and
are probably interested in our new flies. Some of you may even fish for our local lake run rainbow
trout that I'll call Southern Steelhead and Southern Lake Run Browns. Some of you may just have to
have our new flies to help fulfill your dreams about catching large fish. Some of you may have a new
Spey Rod and want some Spey Flies so you can catch at some huge brown trout in our local
tailwaters. Some of you may want our new Spey Flies just because they are beautiful.
Some of you may
think I could have written about something you were more interested in.

For whatever good reason you have, here are some of them: All images are thumbnail. Click them to
Copyright 2011 James Marsh
This is the orange Estaz Egg fly. It's so popular we sold
out and took back orders for this fly the first week it was
on the website for sale. One customer ordered 3 dozen
of this one color. They also come in 5 other colors that
we have just added.
Now that I wrote that and have about 40
dozen in stock, we probably won't get another order for one.
This is our version of the standard and very beautiful
Western Steelhead Spey Fly called the Spawning
Purple. It comes in a hook size 2
This is our new "Perfect Fly" Red Rooster Spey. Anglie
named it because it reminded her of a red rooster. Hook
size 6
This is our new "Perfect Fly" Gold Ribbed Red Bird Spey
I named it because it has the colors of a red bird and
NO it doesn't have any red bird feathers. Hook size 6
We named this fly the "Perfect Fly" Gold Ribbed
Peacock Spey because we also have a silver ribbed
version of our Peacock Spey. Hook Size 6
I named this one the "Perfect Fly" Johnny Cash Spey
yesterday, Thanksgiving day, when I was visiting some of
my family in Folsom Prison. Not really, but I have some
2nd cousins that probably should be in there. It reminded
me of the Man In Black.
The is our "Perfect Fly" Firecracker Spey. I thought of its
name this past Summer watching the fireworks display in
Pigeon Forge. Click oln it and it will blow up.