Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Yellow Quills (
Heptagenia Group)
3.    Needle Stoneflies
4     Great Brown Autumn Sedge
5.    Midges
6.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

New "Perfect Fly" Stealth Bomber Flies
We are pleased to announce that Perfect Fly has just released (8) eight new flies for
smallmouth, largemouth bass and other freshwater species, and saltwater species
such as redfish, speckled trout and other inshore species.  The saltwater and
freshwater flies are identical except the
saltwater flies are tied using stainless
steel hooks.
Freshwater Stealth Bombers are only $1.95 each and saltwater
versions $2.50 each.
This is our Chartreuse Stealth Bomber with a feather tail. It's a hook size #6, with rubber
legs. The fly is made of high density foam and dives and wiggles when stripped in. The
unique design of the fly captures air when it dives creating a trail of bubbles.  
This version is the same except it has a hair tail. These flies sit low in the water and
have a good hook/up ratio. They don't get water logged like deer hair bugs.
This image gives you a better idea of the size of the fly. We intend to have to available
in the near future in other hook sizes and are presently working on a small version for
bream and panfish as well as a larger hook size for larger saltwater species. We will also
be adding some additional colors.
This is our Black Stealth Bomber with a feather tail.
This is our Black Stealth Bomber with a hair  tail.
To order our Bass Stealth Bomber Click Here.

To order our Saltwater Stealth Bomber Click Here
The best of the redfish and speckled and sea trout season is just starting.

Our Fly Fishing Strategies Series Article is coming tomorrow. I delayed it to see the
extent of the rainfall we are currently experiencing.
Copyright 2011 James Marsh