Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Yellow Quills (
Heptagenia Group)
3.    Needle Stoneflies
4     Great Brown Autumn Sedge
5.    Midges
6.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)

Fish of the Smokies
A couple of days ago one of my loyal customers from New York told me he was
catching steelhead from the Great Lakes on my Green Barred Baitfish, one of our
Perfect Fly saltwater flies. Of course, there are not any saltwater fish in the Great
Lakes. Steelhead come in the rivers to spawn, not to eat. Some anglers claim they eat
when they first arrive and are located in what they refer to as holding areas that are
near the mouth of the lake's tributaries but most steelehead anglers could care less
what the fish eat in the lake. They know they become aggressive and attack a huge
variety of different flies that for the most part, don't resemble anything in particular.

I wondered if Lake Ontario had baitfish in it that our Green Barred Baitfish closely
resembled and mentioned that to my customer. Within just a few minutes via email he
sent me this list of non-game fish species that were in the lake.
•    Blacknose shiner
•    Blackchin shiner
•    Bluntnose minnow
•    Brassy minnow
•    Central stoneroller
•    Common shiner
•    Creek chub
•    Eastern blacknose dace
•    Emerald shiner
•    Fallfish
•    Fathead minnow
•    Finescale dace
•    Golden shiner
•    Hornyhead chub
•    Lake chub
•    Longnose dace
•    Mimic shiner
•    Northern redbelly dace
•    Pearl dace
•    Redfin shiner
•    River chub
•    Rosyface shiner
•    Sand shiner
•    Spotfin shiner
•    Spottail shiner
•    Striped shiner
•    Longnose sucker
•    Northern hog sucker
•    Shorthead redhorse
•    Silver redhorse
•    White sucker

•    Central mudminnow
•    Lake herring (cisco)
•    Trout-Perch

•    Brook stickleback
•    Ninespine stickleback
•    Threespine stickleback

•    Mottled sculpin
•    Slimy sculpin

Darters and Logperch:
•    Blackside darter
•    Fantail darter
•    Iowa darter
•    Johnny darter
•    Least darter
•    Rainbow darter
•    River darter
•    Tessellated darter
•    Logperch

I was impressed by that and intend to study each of the above fish that I'm not already
familiar with. It also made me aware that we all probably pay far too little attention to
other fish species that are in the streams we fish that trout and smallmouth bass
probably eat.

Anglers that fly fish in the streams of Great Smoky Mountain National Park, including
yours truly, focus almost exclusively on trout. When it comes to trout, we focus on the
three species that exist in the park - the brown, rainbow and brook trout. We tend to
call everything else baitfish and minnows and pay little attention to other fish species. I
do know the fisheries biologist that manage the park keep close track of all the fish
species and I can well understand why. I also know that we too should know more
about the other species of fish that's in the streams because many of them are
probably a substantial part of what the trout rely on to survive.

For now, I'm going to post this link to
"Discover Life In America" Great Smoky
Mountains National Park All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory. This list covers the class
Actinopterygii, which by common name means the ray-finned fishes. As you will see
there are few details as to the species.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park website list these as the species present.
I'm going to study this more and starting tomorrow write more about what I find
interesting and maybe helpful about it.

Family, common name, native yes or no, game fish yes or no and Scientific name
Antherinidae  Brook Silverside No  No
 Labidesthes sicculus
Catostomidae White Sucker Yes  No  Catostomus commersoni
Catostomidae Northern Hogsucker Yes  No  Hypentelium nigricans
Catostomidae River Redhorse Yes  No  Moxostoma carinatum
Catostomidae  Black Redhorse Yes  No  Moxostoma duquesnei
Catostomidae Golden Redhorse Yes  No  Moxostoma erythrurum
Catostomidae Sicklefin Redhorse Yes No Moxostoma n. sp.
Catostomidae  Shorthead Redhorse Yes  No  Moxostoma macrolepidotum
Centrarchidae Rock Bass  Yes  Yes  Ambloplites rupestris
Centrarchidae Red Breast Sunfish  Yes  Yes  Lepomis auritus
Centrarchidae Green Sunfish Yes  No  Lepomis cyanellus  
Centrarchidae Warmouth Yes  No  Lepomis gulosus
Centrarchidae Bluegill Sunfish Yes  Yes  Lepomis macrochirus
Centrarchidae Longear Sunfish No No Lepomis megalotis
Centrarchidae Redear Sunfish No Yes Lepomis microlophus
Centrarchidae Smallmouth Bass Yes Yes Micropterus dolomieu
Centrarchidae White Bass No Yes Morone chrysops
Centrarchidae Black Crappie yes Yes Pomoxis nigromaculatus
Clupeidae  Gizzard Shad No No Dorosoma cepedianum
Cottidae Mottled Sculpin Yes No Cottus bairdi  
Cottidae  Banded Sculpin Yes No
Cottus carolinae
Cyprinidae Stone Roller Yes No Campostoma anomalum  
Cyprinidae Rosyside Dace Yes No Clinostomus funduloides
Cyprinidae Whitetail Shiner Yes No Cyprinella galactura
Cyprinidae Chub Yes No Erimonax monacha
Cyprinidae Flame Chub Yes No Hemitremia flammea
Cyprinidae Bigeyed Chub Yes No Hybopsis amblops
Cyprinidae Striped Shiner Yes No Luxilus chrysocephalus
Cyprinidae Warpaint Shiner Yes No Luxilus coccogenis
Cyprinidae River Chub Yes No Nocomis micropogon
Cyprinidae Tennessee Shiner  Yes No Notropis leuciodus
Cyprinidae Silver Shiner Yes No Notropis photogenis
Cyprinidae Rosyface Shiner Yes No Notropis rubellus
Cyprinidae Saffron Shiner Yes No Notropis rubricroceous
Cyprinidae Mirror Shiner Yes No Notropis spectrunculus
Cyprinidae Telescope Shiner  Yes No Notropis telescopous
Cyprinidae Fatlips Minnow Yes No Phenacobius crassilabrum
Cyprinidae Tennessee Dace Yes No Phoxinus tennesseensis
Cyprinidae Fathead Minnow No No Pimephales promelas
Cyprinidae Blacknose Dace Yes No Rhinichthys atratulus
Cyprinidae Longnose Dace Yes No Rhinichthys cataractae
Cyprinidae Creek Chub Yes No Semotilis atromaculatus
Ictaluridae Yellow Bullhead Yes No Ameiurus natalis
Ictaluridae Smoky Madtom Yes No Noturus baileyi
Percidae Greenside Darter Yes No Etheostoma blennioides
Percidae Greenfin Darter Yes No Etheostoma chlorobranchium
Percidae Fantail Darter Yes No Etheostoma flabbellare
Percidae Tuckasegee  Darter Yes No Etheostoma gutselli
Percidae Duskytail Darter Yes No Etheostoma percnurum
Percidae Redline Darter Yes No Etheostoma rufilineatum
Percidae TN Snubnose Darter Yes No Etheostoma simoterum
Percidae Swannanoa Darter Yes No Etheostoma swannanoa
Percidae Wounded Darter Yes No Etheostoma vulneratum
Percidae Banded Darter Yes No Etheostoma zonale
Percidae Yellow Perch No Yes Perca flavescens
Percidae Tangerine Darter Yes No Percina aurantiaca
Percidae Logperch Yes No Percina caprodes
Percidae Gilt Darter Yes No Percina evides
Percidae Olive Darter Yes No Percina squamata
Percidae Walleye No Yes Stizostedion vitreum
Petromyzontidae Mountain Brook Lamprey Yes No Ichthyomyzon greeleyi
Petromyzontidae American Brook Lamprey  Yes No Lampetra appendix
Poeciliidae Western Mosquitofish Yes No Gambusia affinis
Salmonidae Rainbow Trout No Yes Oncorhynchus mykiss
Salmonidae Brown Trout No Yes Salmo trutta
Salmonidae Brook Trout Yes Yes Salvelinus fontinalis

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