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Needle Stoneflies - (Leuctridae Family)


Species of this Leuctridae family of stoneflies are fairly easy to identify as adults
because their wings roll around their bodies. This gives them a “needle-like”
appearance. These stoneflies are usually called “Needle Flies” and sometimes
“Black Roll Wing Stoneflies”.They are very small, slim, dark stoneflies. They are
often confused with caddisflies. They resemble caddisflies in flight.
Emergence is somewhat variable. We show them on our hatch charts hatching
from mid August all the way through the first week of December.

The following species have been found in the Great Smoky Mountains National
Leuctra alexanderi
Leuctra biloba
Leuctra carolinensis
Leuctra ferruginea
Leuctra grandis
Leuctra mitchellensis  
Leuctra monticola
Leuctra nephophila  
Leuctra sibleyi
Leuctra tenuis
Leuctra triloba
Leuctra truncata
Leuctra variabilis
Megaleuctra williamsae
Paraleuctra sara

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