Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Yellow Quills (
Heptagenia Group)
3.    Needle Stoneflies
4     Slate Drakes
5     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
6.    Grasshoppers
7.    Ants
8.    Beetles
9  .  Craneflies
10.  Great Brown Autumn Sedge

Fly Fishing Magazines
I'm sure that if you're like us and have at one time or another subscribed to every fly
fishing magazine ever printed, then you continuously get proposals to re-instate your
expired subscriptions for those canned. We get one of their fantastic offers every few
days. I have a personal agenda against some of them and some I just don't care to
receive just because they are practically worthless and in some cases pure garbage.
It's not my point to single out any of the publications but I will give you some idea of
where I'm coming from.

One of the magazines, the quote, "largest one ever", was perfectly willing to take my
adversing money for a few years for an ad on their new website that few people knew
about, but when it came to a request that they review one of our fly fishing DVD
programs, they wouldn't respond. I then called and questioned the ad salesman as to
why they had reviewed several lousy videos produced on fly fishing, yet didn't want to
as much as look at one of ours, he went blank. The reason I made that statement is
the videos they were willing to review as well as point out how great they were, just
happened to be nothing more than promotions for fly fishing product with little else to
offer. The product being promoted was key to why they reviewed them.
It just
happened to be product of companies that purchased ads in the magazine.
Imagine that!

I dropped my ad on their lousy website and I dropped my years old subscription. I get
letters about every month offering discounts that show special cut rate offers on the
envelopes (look much like going out of business sells) to re-subscribe and without
opening any of them, I toss them in the trash can where they rightly belong.

Then you have those fly fishing magazines that hire (for meager dollar amounts)
writers that have fished only a few times in their life, yet profess to be able to tell
others what product is good and bad, which trout streams are best, and even how to
go about catching trout. It's amazing what some of these so called outdoor writers
have to offer - amazing in that it's always nothing of value and in many cases worse
than that. It's often misleading and just flat outright false information.

Many of the magazines, now out of business or if not, struggling to remain in
business, were quick to tell those making a proposal to write articles for them that they
more or less, were not concerned about what was said in the article.
They (being too
cheap to pay good photographers) were most interested in the pictures the
writers could provide.
I mean after all, they contend their readers are stupid and
uncaring enough to just want to see some pretty pictures.

The bottom line to this, without dealing with them one at a time (and by the way I can
and will do that if necessary) most of them are hurting not only because there's more
and better information on the Internet. They are hurting because they scammed (best
word I can come up with for it) their subscribers and readers.

Not everyone that publishes a fly fishing magazine sucks. I believe one publisher is
worthy of any advertisers consideration and any fly angler's subscriptions. I believe it
so much I place ads a few times a year with them.

Eastern Fly Fishing
Southwest Fly Fishing
Northwest Fly Fishing

These three magazines are in my opinion, worth anyone's time and subscription
money. They feature different streams and lakes across the nation in their respective
areas and offer a lot of useful information about the various locations. The only
problem I have with the magazines is they cause me to want to fish more places than I
have time to fish. They are of good quality and have proven worth my money to
advertise in.

Yes, one reason I have written this is to let everyone know
Perfect Fly will have an
ad in the Fly Shop section of each of these magazine
that will hit the stands and
subscribers any day now. I also wanted to say that they are always well worth the
several hundred bucks we spend on the ads and they are well worth reading. I have
no idea what the featured locations are in these issues. I have read every one they
have published for the last several years and they are always worth my time, even if I
don't always agree with everything said. .

Of the fly fishing paper magazines remaining, these are by far the best.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh