Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Yellow Quills (
Heptagenia Group)
3.    Needle Stoneflies
4     Slate Drakes
5     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
6.    Grasshoppers
7.    Ants
8.    Beetles
9  .  Craneflies
10.  Great Brown Autumn Sedge

New Fly Fishing Videos and "Fly Fishing DVD" Website
We have been very busy adding a new fly fishing video release "Stalking
Appalachian Trout"
that is available in both DVD and Blu-ray formats. This is our
first program shot, edited and released in a hi-defination format using the newest and
latest professional grade video equipment. The Blu-ray version will start shipping by
this coming Friday. The DVD version is now shipping. This is the first Blu-ray fly
fishing program ever produced that's commercially available.

This video, hosted by Christopher Tobias, shows you how to catch wild, stream-bred
rainbow and brown trout as well as native brook trout from the freestone streams of
the Appalachian Mountains from Canada to north Georgia. It has numerous graphics
and animations that illustrate the trout's window of vision and how they can see flies
such as nymphs, larvae, streamers and wet flies fished below the surface as well as
how they see your dry flies. It gets into light reflection (glare) and illustrates how trout
can see objects outside the water including you, the angler. It also illustrates how
anglers can approach trout without being detected and to fish low, clear water in
freestone streams.  

We also have a new
"Basics of Fly Fishing" DVD that will be released within the
coming month. It's a
four hour long program (2 Disc) on fly fishing that includes trout
and other freshwater species. We have worked on this one off and on during the last
few years.

We have also updated and resized our entire Fly Fishing DVD website. Several years
ago, I got complaints from viewers who used dial-up Internet connections that were
common at that time. Many of the site's images were too large to load fast and we felt
that some of our viewers were leaving the site due to the slow loading speed. There
are still plenty of people that have dial-up systems but they have been improved. Most
people probably use satellite or cable TV or phone systems. Some businesses have
much larger and faster systems. Web service has greatly improved nowadays and we
felt we could make the site much better by updating it. We used a lot of the same
images and information but most everything was made much larger. The width of the
page displays were increased by a huge amount.

Many newer websites use flash displays of pictures, especially on the front page of
the site. Some are rather large size and of good quality and some aren't. They load at
various speeds depending on the type of Internet service one has and how fancy the
web designer made them.. They do not work well at all on dial up systems and load
slow on most cable systems. They are usually just 3 to 6 different images that change
from one picture to the next. Some of them drive me nuts changing faster than I can
get a good look at them and some are so slow they may as well not change because
I'm sure not waiting on them to change. I absolutely hate those that load slow on the
fast Internet service we use.

I think the flash images are nothing more than a fad and I feel certain it adds little or
no value to the site. In fact, I think it's a detraction in many cases. I have the very
latest Adobe Flash software along with most everything else they have come up with
and can add video and pictures in any configuration imaginable. I have a few
thousand bucks invested in software that changes faster and becomes obsolete
faster than computers. I just don't think it adds any value. I'm sure plenty of people
disagree with me. Anyway, I think we made the Fly Fishing DVD site much better and
have plans to update all of our sites. I will be adding some streaming video later but I
have not done that so far simply because the quality of most of it isn't near the quality
of the video we distribute on disc. We will be adding the capability for customers that  
so desire to download high quality video and to view high quality streaming video
online. They will be able to view it on many products including their book pads, small
toy phone type displays, computer monitors and even on their huge size TV monitor
screens via HDTV connections from their computers. I feel that capability has only
recently been available in the quality level we insist on and at a feasible economical

Our newly revised
"Fly Fishing DVD" site. The new "Stalking Appalachian Trout"

By the way, everything we do is "work in progress". We never stop and never will. We
are currently in the process of updating and improving our fly fishing Yellowstone
National Park  website and making many additions to our huge "Perfect Fly" website.
We are adding many new fly patterns, including many new Perfect Fly smallmouth
bass and panfish flies as well as some other popular generic patterns. We will be
adding 16 new Spey fly patterns for salmon and steelhead. We're working on several
new tube flies.

The sign on my office says "I'm  gona wear out, not rust out". By the way,
fishing has been work for me since 1980. It's very enjoyable work, and that's why I
have stuck with it for 31 years. I had as many as 300 employees and more for a few
years, and as a general contractor built several million dollars of commercial and
industrial buildings including college campuses and 27 schools, many offices, a 3M
manufacturing plant, 17th floor of University Hospital, etc. etc etc, etc. Earning a living
from making fishing, boating and other outdoor related video and TV programs,
fishing tournaments and doing related promotions is
believe it or not, more
, but it's also a hundred times more enjoyable. Owning and running a huge
construction company with huge risk and responsibilities will kill you.
For the last 31
years, when I failed to catch fish,  I usually cried but so far, I haven't died
from it.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh