Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Yellow Quills (
Heptagenia Group)
3.    Needle Stoneflies
4     Slate Drakes
5     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
6.    Grasshoppers
7.    Ants
8.    Beetles
9  .  Craneflies
10.  Great Brown Autumn Sedge

Snow On LeConte and What If Conditions Were Perfect?
I noticed on several blogs that snow was reported at Mount LeConte from the recent
weather front. I mentioned in my article of just two days ago that I expected that would  
happen.  I'm sure the temperatures are cold up there because I just walked outside (in
the dark) to see plenty of frost glowing on the bushes and ground from our porch
lights here in Pigeon Forge.

Notice the
Little River real-time stream reports is showing a much slower drop than it
has after the past few times it has rained. That indicates the longer, slower rainfall of
this week didn't run off as quickly as in the past. Maybe the cooler air hasn't
evaporated the water as fast as it has been during the much warmer temperatuers. I
also suspect the ground water is getting in better shape.

The forecast for the entire next week looks just great. Rain isn't expected to
come into the picture until late next Thursday or Friday. I expect this weekend and
next week ot be about as perfect as it can be for visitors and very good for anglers,
for that matter. Yes, I know we would prefer cloud cover everyday.

Think about this. Anglers always prefer the things that make it easy to catch trout. If
everything turned perfect from the average angler's viewpoint, and stayed that way
for a month, what would really happen? Would everyone's catch really increase or
would it just be that everyone would have to come up with some new, unheard of
excuses? I suspect it would actually be embarrassing if everyone had an observer
and an honest report was given about the results of everyone's experience on the
water during "perfect" conditions.

I'll never forget talking to this guide I knew on the St. John's River in Florida after the
first day of a national bass tournament weigh-in I dropped by to see. It was a couple of
years after I quit fishing the tournaments and started doing my TV show.  I asked the
guide how he did and he wouldn't say. He just said he didn't do very good and started
saying the water was too cold, other guys were fishing "his" spots, and continued on
with a lot of other grumbling. He didn't realize the scoreboard clearly showed he
blanked, meaning he didn't weigh-in a keeping bass. He had boasted that he would
win or place in the top ten all week during practice. He had been guiding on the river
for over twenty years. That was the first national bass tournament he had ever fished
and I guess he hadn't yet noticed the big scoreboard.

While we were talking, Ray Scott, announced over the loud speakers that Jack Hains
from Lousiana, a very good friend of mine who is a previous Bass Classic Winner, just
weighed in a limit of 7 bass that went 35 plus pounds. While Scott was talking the
guide's face turned almost purple. It went to white, then red and finally a deep purple.

I don't really have to guess what would happen if the weather and stream conditions
turned picture perfect for fly fishing for trout and remained that way for a month. I
have seen that happen for a few days in a row on streams across the nation plenty of
times, as well as right here in the Smokies. It's fairly common during the Spring

I can assure you, it doesn't matter how good everything is. There's always a never
ending list of excuses anglers can come up with. It can get downright funny at times.
Usually, you just won't hear anything. Usually, especially if they consider themselves
top notch anglers, they head home and avoid discussing the fishing. They won't
usually post their results on the blogs.
I have seen this same thing take place
with fishing my entire life.
I have fished my entire life and one thing that's never
changed is that. It doesn't matter what kind of fishing it is. It's the same exact thing.
When anglers fail to catch fish, they blame it on everything but the real cause of the
problem - themselves.

That's why sometimes, I wished everyday was a tournament day of fishing, for
everyone, anytime they went fishing. I wish an observer could record every fish
caught on video tape and the results be displayed across the NBC, ABC, CBS and
FOX nightly news, all the cable channels along with all the outdoor channels. You get
my point, I hope. I really don't want tournaments for fly fishing for trout, although I
don't have anything against it.
I'm just pointing out that money talks and bull ___  

Copyright 2011 James Marsh