Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Yellow Quills (
Heptagenia Group)
3.    Needle Stoneflies
4     Slate Drakes
5     Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
6.    Grasshoppers
7.    Ants
8.    Beetles
9  .  Craneflies
10.  Great Brown Autumn Sedge

Stream and Weather Conditions For the Smokies:
It's only 4:30 AM but as best I can determine from looking at the precipitation map and
weather reports the rainfall the mountains received was just about the ideal amount.
Little River stream flow is at 276cfs and falling. Cataloochee Creek and the
Oconaluftee River received about the same amount of rain and have both peaked
and on their way down.

The temperature in the foothills is going to drop down near freezing for the next few
nights with highs in the sixties. It will be colder in the mountains. I've been wondering
when we will see the first white snow caps on the mountains. I'm guessing it will be

The bottom line is I don't think the weather could be any better at this time of the year.
From a fly fishing standpoint, the high pressure system moving in won't be exactly
helpful but the higher water levels will help make the fish a little easier to catch.

One suggestion I have for those new to the area is that if you fish a stream along a
road, move away from the areas with pullovers and overlook points that are above the
streams where the tourist can pull over and stop to see the water and beautiful
foliage. They can spook the trout even though they are high above the water. This is
especially applicable as it relates to the larger brown trout that are in the pre-spawn
stage. I suggest you fish areas of the stream where visitors cannot park near the
water. You don't want to fish a section of water directly below the point where a car
load of people just left from. Actually, the same thing applies to the major trails. The
tourist can also spook the trout at overlook points along the trails.

Bears and Businesses:
You have probably seen the large yellow tow trucks from Carrs Auto Service in Pigeon
Forge. It's almost impossible to drive very far around town without seeing one of them.
What I didn't know was that the main location of the business, listed as Hickory Drive
in Pigeon Forge (as a crow flies) isn't all that far from our house. It's between our
home and Pine Mountain. After calling them about fixing the brakes on my old Jeep, I
just followed the signs from near the City Hall to their business. It's located only a very
few miles from the City Hall. Granny, one of the stars of the Beverly Hillbillies
frequently mentioned she was from Tennessee and I think I found exactly where she
came from. The road narrows down and you wind your way through the hills headed
to what seems to be the middle of nowhere. Then all of a sudden a few hundred
vehicles, including several of the big yellow trucks appear, scattered all over the base
of Pine Mountain.. You'll also discover your at the end of the road. Carrs isn't exactly
located at a specific latitude and longitude coordinate. It's more like  discovering
Dollywood except all the rides are vehicles instead of roller coasters..

When I told the gentleman behind the counter I lived just a few hills over from there,
he gave me a discount of ten percent and said
"I'll bet this is the first time you  
ever got a discount for being a hillbilly".
I said, "yes and I'll happily accept it".

What I found in the woods was an excellent automobile service company. I found an
incredibly busy business in the "middle of no where". I've never received any better or
faster automobile service and it didn't take me very long to figure out why. It was very,
obvious. Everyone was working as hard and fast as they could.

I'm certainly not the only one to find Carrs. There were vehicles coming through the
woods to the middle of no where near the same rate they head towards Dollywood.
They had employees going and coming in every direction in a place that covers the
side of more than one hill. There were people coming and going so fast it was
impossible to sit in the lawn chair overlooking things and figure out exactly what
anyone was doing. There were Yellow Carrs trucks  everywhere.  I would guess that
smack in the middle of no where, there was no less than a million or three dollars
worth of car and truck stuff. They had yellow trucks that could piggyback haul an 18
wheel tractor down to little Yellow trucks that look like they were made for towing
go- charts. There were several mechanics, tow truck drivers and a few employees that
although I couldn't figure out exactly what they did, were obviously very busy at
something. The comptroller, I'll call her, was a nice lady who seemed to know more
about vehicles than anyone there. She directed the operation, or so it seemed.

All of a sudden I had a great idea. If they allowed me to do so, and I'm sure they
wouldn't, I could build some temporary bleachers, like you see at concerts overlooking
the place. I would invite President Obama and every member of Congress to come
visit Carrs. All of them, Democrats and Republicans, could get a first hand look at how
a small businesses, the heart of this countries economy, should thrive and function.
They could also easily see that a government stimulus isn't needed for it to happen. It
would be easy for them to see that all it takes is good common sense and people that
are willing to work for a honest living. They could promote it as the flagship for the
new "Job Bill". They could run TV commercials from now to the 2012 election that said
"This is the heart of the American economy - people that are willing to put in an
honest day's work for an honest day's pay".

You see, Carrs doesn't seem to need a new office building with a fashion model  
receptionist, tie clad executives in silk suits, slick glass logos, or even a modern,
electronically controlled automated line of vehicle bays to work on the vehicles. They
don't need any organized labor because the lady at the front desk will make____sure
things are organized.
You see, Carrs can fix your car in a barn faster and better
than any new government funded automobile dealer can fix it and for a lot
less money.

After watching people work at Carrs for just a few minutes, our President and every
member of Congress could see that the key is people that work and small company
owners that insist people work or hit the road. They could figure out that all it would
take is stopping the free handouts for people who won't work and who want something
for nothing. They could pose for pictures with the new "Carrs Job Bill" sign in front of
the business headquarters, a nice modern air conditioned shed. They could show
shots of the storage facility, the wide open side of Pine Mountain. They could show
interior high-definition footage of the work center - a nice shed that needs nothing a
coat of paint wouldn't fix. They could see the maintenance center, where all the yellow
trucks are cleaned and washed - using a brush with a broom handle and a water hose.

Now to the best part about Carrs. They are environmentally friendly. The are a
very "Green" company. If you don't believe it, read the rest of the story.

After my Jeep brakes were finished, the vehicles flying into and out of the middle of no
where slowed down to just a few every once in a while around 5:30. When I left, I
drove for about two or three blocks but I'm not really certain just how far I had
traveled.. There's no marked off blocks on that part of Hickory Drive, just a lot of
hickory trees. Again, it's obvious that Carrs keeps everything environmentally friendly.
Suddenly, coming around a hill, I spotted what I first thought was a large black dog in
the road. I slowed down to see that the dog was really a bear cub. As I eased up
closer, the cub ran up on the side of the bank along the narrow road and stopped to
check me out. I eased on up to within ten feet of the bear. The cub seemed to not
have the slightest idea of what the Jeep or I was. Amazingly, it didn't seem to be
scared. It just appeared to be a little nervous. It would quickly glance to an area
behind me, obviously looking for its mother, and then back to stare at me. I finally just
started talking to the cute little cub. It would just turn its head a little as If it were trying
to tell me it didn't understand what I was saying but it seemed to agree with me. Every
few seconds, I would turn and look behind me thinking its mother would appear but I
never saw her. I wasn't about to get out to the Jeep to look for her. I feel certain that
would have scared the cub anyway and may have created a conflict with the mother
that I would have been certain to lose.

Years ago, while deer hunting in below freezing weather, I went from my stand to the
car to get warm. I was sitting in the car warming up with the car and heater running
when I noticed a buck at the rear of the car smelling of the exhaust. It would look up in
all directions and then lower its head to smell of the exhaust again. After a few
seconds, I turned to grab my riffle and this caused the deer to jump straight up and fly
full speed into the woods before I could even open the door. Later, someone told me
that the exhaust of the car covered up my scent and until I moved the deer didn't
know what I was or that I was a possible danger. I don't know if the exhaust of the Jeep
running covered my scent to the point the bear didn't smell me or not, but I do know
from studying everything I can find out about bears during the past few years, they
function more from smell than anything. Without getting into it, I'll just say It's
incredible just how far and just how well a bear can smell.

I will always believe that was the first time the cub had ever seen a vehicle or a person
before. I will always think it was waiting for its mother to let he or she know what to do.
I think the mother was scared and hide until I drove away but I doubt that would have
been the case if I had of turned the engine off and gotten out of the Jeep. It was so
strange, yet so wonderful to just sit and look at such an incredible wild animal that
close. The cub probably weighted between forty and sixty pounds. I have read where
they tend to weight more than the look because of the amount of muscle they have.
It's feet were much larger than my fist and I would imagine, even though it looked like
it would be perfectly willing to play with you, the cub could hurt someone very badly. I
feel sure it would have just ran off if I had of tried to open the door but I'm just pointing
out that even though it was small, it was noticeably strong. Although its claws were not
visible being hidden by the grass on the bank, from reading about their claws, even a
cub's claws, it's clear they are very dangerous. What's even more incredible about
cubs, is that they only average weighing about 10 ounces when they are born.

If anyone ever needs a tow truck, or their car or truck fixed in the Pigeon Forge area, I
recommend Carrs. Going there reminded me of going on one of my father's
construction jobs back in the fifties. Everyone was working hard, yet everyone was
friendly and smiling. I got the feeling, anyone that didn't, wouldn't be there any longer
than a few minutes. I've never seen a better example of how a small business should
function. I really wish the men and women who run this country could stop and see
that it's people that make a business function, not the government.

Carrs Auto Service

Copyright 2011 James Marsh