Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives (Little BWOs)
2.    Mahogany Duns
3.    Little Yellow Quills (
Heptagenia Group)
4.    Little Yellow Stoneflies
5.    Needle Stoneflies
6.    Slate Drakes
7.    Sculpin, Minnows (Streamers)
8.    Grasshoppers
9.    Ants (includes Flying Ants)
10.  Beetles
11.  Craneflies
12.  Great Brown Autumn Sedge

Current Stream and Weather Conditions
We will be undergoing a rather drastic change in the weather today and Saturday.
The first strong cold front of the year will move through and the temperatures will drop
down to as low as 39 degrees in Gatlinburg by Sunday night. At least this is what the
national weather service is forecasting.

The water levels throughout the park are just a little below normal for this time of the
year. There's a slight change of rain (20%) for tonight and maybe some of the
streams will get a little rain but it's not likely.

It will be very windy today with gust up to 25 mph. Water temperatures will drop fast.
The low tonight in Gatlinburg will drop down to 41, if the forecast remains the same.
Things will settle down some for Saturday with the winds dieing down some, but there
will still be gusts up to 20mph. That will put a few leaves in the water, especially at the
mid to higher elevations, but not to the point it should be a factor in your fishing. The
sudden drop in water temperature will take a little time for the fish to adjust to the

The low Saturday night will be 37 in Gatlinburg if the forecast is right. I will also add,
that the forecast will probably be right on target because under the circumstances the
cold front conditions aren't that difficult to forecast accurately. I doubt will see much
change from the forecast.

The weather will settle down some Sunday with a high of about 61 degrees. The water
temperatures will stabilize some and the fish will become more acclimated to the
change. The winds will die down and after church, Sunday should be a good day to
be fishing the Smokies.

I'll add that my 89 year old mother wouldn't agree with that. She's never liked the fact
that I have fished on Sunday and she's probably a better judge of that I am. I always
respond by saying she's the one that named me James and James was a fisherman
on the Sea of Galilee. That usually doesn't go over very well.

All things considered, I'm glad to see the change. October, November and most of
December is my favorite time of the year to fish the Smokies.

Short Story:
A few years ago, Angie and I had been fishing Yellowstone Country for the last part of
August and the entire month of September. We both had worn out our Simms
Waders. Mine were just over a year old and Angie's were almost two year old. She
had a bad tear in hers and had to have a new pair to continue to fish for the big lake
run browns the first week of October. I knew Simms was just down the road, so to
speak, and I thought West Yellowstone would be a good place to go ahead and buy
us both a new pair of waders. We went to three of the four fly shops in town and
neither one had our sizes in stock. Blue Ribbon was nice enough to loan Angie a pair
in her tiny size that was almost new. I purchased hers from them and mine from
another shop in town to spread the the business. We didn't get either pair before we
left, even though the factory was nearby.

We had been back in Gatlinburg for about two weeks when I called the shops to check
on delivery of our waders. Both shops complained that Simms had not delivered, with
one shop that preferred selling Patagonia correctly saying "that was normal" for

The other shop told me that it was because the fishing season was over. That
made James the fisherman lose his temper a little tiny bit and I responded with
(leaving out a few choice words), "well maybe it's over for you part time anglers in
West Yellowstone that fish 3 months out of the year, but it isn't over for Angie and I. In
fact the best part of the season here in the Smokies is just beginning". "We fish
year-round. Get the waders I paid for ....x.s..dkslk. .......................lll////s/ksk, or else".

I still stand by what I said. The best part of the season in the Smokies is just beginning.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh