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Eastern Blue-Winged Olives - Duns (Drunella species)


Although they usually spend a few seconds drying their wings on the surface,
trout seem to prefer the emerging nymphs over the duns. As we previously
stated, the trailing shuck version, or a dun that still has it nymphal shuck
attached, works great. I feel certain that you could catch trout on the normal dun
imitations although we haven't tried them when we have found the big olives

The duns change color from a lighter greenish brown to a darker emerald brown
color in the first few minutes of their life. For that reason, it is probably best if the
color of your fly matches the newly emerged color of the dun, or is a lighter
greenish brown color.
I feel confident that there would probably never be enough of these mayflies
hatching at any one time for the trout to feed on them selectively. However,
there are few other mayflies hatching during the time most of the Eastern BWOs
hatch and I am sure the trout become accustomed to seeing them on a fairly
regular basis during the long hatch period. For that reason, I would rather be
using a fly that matched their size and color than one that didn't.

Use the smallest tippet you can get away with (6X or less) and present the dun
imitation using an up or up and across stream cast. If there is not much action
with the dun imitation, I suggest that you fish an emerger pattern. Again, I have
found the trailing shuck version of the emerging dun to be very effective during
this hatch.
They hatch in the slow to moderately moving water adjacent to the fast water of
the runs and riffles, or the slow side of the current seams. Instead of
concentrating on getting the fly to drift down the current seams, I try to place it in
the calmer water behind boulders and small pockets along the banks. The fly
isn't going to drift very far if at all. If you don't get a take in a few seconds, make
another cast to another likely location for them to hatch.

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