Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives (Little Eastern BWOs)
2.    Mahogany Duns
3.    Cream Cahills
4.    Little Yellow Stoneflies (Little Summer Stones)
5.    Little Green Stoneflies
6.    Slate Drakes
7. .  Sculpin, Minnows (streamers)
8.    Inch Worms
9.    Grasshoppers
10.  Ants
11.  Beetles
12.  Craneflies
13.  Flying Ants

Some Weird and Some Bad News
Recently, I wrote about two occasions during the past few years where deer hit my
vehicle while driving in the park. I had a couple of email comments from readers
asking if I meant that I hit the deer. The answer is no, I didn't. They actually hit the
side of my vehicle trying to cross the road and were running full speed in both cases.
This happened a couple of years apart but in both cases, they got up and ran off. It
did $1600.00 damage the last time. I forgot the amount of the first repair.

Ironically, yesterday afternoon, I had another weird experience. I left to meet Chris, my
friend from New York, in the park for an hour of late fishing. On the way I missed a
bear by about a foot. This happened about a quarter of a mile after I turned off the
spur near the entrance to the City of Gatlinburg on the bypass to the park.

When I first saw the bear I was coming around a sharp curve when he or she was
obviously just turning around to avoid crossing the road in front of me. It didn't quite
get off the road and I just missed it. That would have been a very bad deal for me and
the bear.

Chris just returned to Ft. Bragg North Carolina from his home in New York where he
spent some time with his wife and family before he has to depart to Afghanistan a
couple of weeks from now. I woke him up just a few minutes ago so we could get an
early start but had to inform him about the 31 special operation solders that just died
in Afghanistan. I'm sure that isn't a pleasant event for his family to hear about but
certainly not comparable to the tragic news that 31 other families must hear about.

One thing for certain. The trout in Great Smoky Mountains National Park better be
careful today, or otherwise, they will have a weird experience. The will get jerked
around and headed in a direction they don't want to go and pulled up out of the water
only to be smiled at. Within seconds, they will be back in the water and wonder (if trout
can wonder) what the heck happened.


Copyright 2011 James Marsh