Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives (Little Eastern BWOs)
2.    Mahogany Duns
3.    Cream Cahills
4.    Little Yellow Stoneflies (Little Summer Stones)
5.    Little Green Stoneflies
6.    Slate Drakes
7. .  Sculpin, Minnows (streamers)
8.    Inch Worms
9.    Grasshoppers
10.  Ants
11.  Beetles
12.  Craneflies
13.  Flying Ants

Weekend Outlook For The Smokies
Yesterday, I mentioned the National Weather Service forecast put the chances of rain
back to 20 percent and joking, I mentioned that probably meant we would get 2 or 3
inches of rain, referring to what happened a couple of weeks ago. Last night, loud
thunder and the flashes of lightning through the windows alerted me to the fact we
were in a thunderstorm. That means I have to get out of bed and disconnect power to
my computers and production equipment. I learned the hard way, not to trust power
surge protectors during a storm. It did rain hard for at least several minutes but before
it stopped, I was back asleep without any idea as to the amount of water that fell.

Looking at the
Precipitation Map at 6:40 this morning, (enter Great Smoky Mountains
in the location box) it appears that the Tennessee Side of the park received from a
tenth to three-quarters of an inch of rain. The North Carolina side received some rain
but it appears it was much less. That means the 20 percent chance forecast produced

The forecast for Gatlinburg shows it will remain at 20 percent for today, tonight and
tomorrow but increase to 30 percent Friday night. Saturday's chances have been
increased to 50 percent and 40 percent for Sunday. I will find out exactly what that
means because I will be fishing in the Smokies both days but I also know the rain will
most likely be in the form of thunderstorms which will probably be isolated. At this time
of year, It isn't unusual to be fishing in one watershed when it starts to rain and the
stream starts rising fast only to discover that just across the next mountain ridge the
adjacent watershed is dry. The last time I got caught in the rain fishing in the park, I
moved trying to get away from it but the further I drove, the worse the conditions got. I
ended up at Little River only to discover it was very dingy, high and rising fast. I need
to take my handheld GPS which has weather radar overlay capability but I usually
forget it. It will display weather radar over either satellite maps or the topographical
maps. There are also some portable stand alone units with XM Satellite weather.

I had radar on my various saltwater fishing boats over the years and they proved
again and again to be very valuable aids. Raytheon was a sponsor of mine for several
years and thanks to them, I had radar back when they were thirty grand and up. You
can purchase decent resolution, low priced LCD units now for as little as a grand. Of
course, radar works much better at sea than the satellite weather radar overlay
systems and more importantly, they can be used for purposes other than weather.
Their main purpose is collision avoidance which is invaluable in heavy fog and at night.

I've been hit by a deer twice (the car, not me) driving through the park and was almost
hit by an idiot biker, but radar wouldn't of helped in those situations. I know that I'm
rambling, but for the record, I had the opportunity to see the young man again about
five miles beyond the point the crazy nut on his "asking to die" bike missed me only
inches doing about 80 mph. He had to cut in front of me missing by only inches to
avoid a head-on crash with a oncoming family with kids.

I'm not against bikers, mind you. I owned a Harley for several years but it was mainly
to give the girls on the beach a ride. These kids that like to ride lying down with their
elbows touching the road must have a death wish. Thank goodness, a park ranger
had him pulled over with his lights flashing before he made it to Sugarland. I slowed
down as I passed and gave him a ugly sign with my middle finger but then I realized
the park ranger may have though I was directing my gestures at him. I certainly hope
not because he was doing his job and I was thankful he was. The kid had my temper
boiling, almost hitting a family with kids head-on, as well as killing himself. I hope they
taught him a lesson because he is far to young to die.

Sorry, but I'm so angry right now just writing about it that I forgot what I the subject was.

If you do go fishing during the next few days, pay close attention to the thunderstorms
and remember that unless your fishing with a bamboo rod, your probably carrying a
lightning (graphite) rod in your hand. It isn't exactly safe to be in the forest when
there's high winds involved either. I just heard on the radio playing in the background,
there are trees down in some local areas from last night's storm, so please be alert
and cautious.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh